10 Epic Libra Nail Designs You’re Going To Want To Try (Even If It’s Not Your Sign)

Nail art inspo can really come from anywhere, and if you’re fascinated with astrology, then now’s the time to map out all the nail designs to bring out your inner Libra. It can be quite literal — say a mix of stars and an image of the Libra constellation or balancing scale — or you might prefer embracing a more subtle, metaphorical approach. Either way, these Libra-inspired nail designs are pretty, photogenic, and fitting for the fall season.

Libra season starts on September 23 and ends on October 23 this year. That’s a lot of days to play around with a flurry of different nail art designs. Below is some flirty, beautiful, and cool Libra nail art inspo to get you started.

A little punk

The pale base of this manicure from @nailbastion is the perfect base to make the delicate black details, which includes stars and a sketch of the Libra constellation, pop. The color combo also makes it feel pretty yet edgy, which can be hard to pull off well.

Flirty and starry

This lovely nail design from nail artist @kelly.yan.nails doesn’t rock any Libra-specific symbols like the actual constellation or a balancing scale, but the starry details does hint at the astrological vibe.

Embracing green

People of the sign are known for loving the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that a color commonly associated with Libras and positive vibes is green (or anything earthy, really). This beautiful nail design from @samrosenails is the perfect color for fall and Libra season, and the mixed design makes it feel modern and artsy.

Right on the money

Short of stamping “LIBRA” across your nail beds, you can’t get any more on-theme than this intricate nail design on @jackiegiardina. It’s is moody, beautiful, and unique, and is for the Libra who unapologetically celebrates everything Libras are known for.

A fall kick-off

From @lianadidmynails, here’s another Libra-themed manicure that starts with colorful French-tips in autumnal hues as a base, and is topped with gilded Libra-themed details (balancing scale, mooon, and stars). Again, it’s a perfect time to embrace the earthy tones of nature and the fall season.

Like cotton candy

The pastels of this mani are almost enticing enough to eat. If you are drawn to @kelly.yan.nails’ gradient design above, you’ll love this one from nail artist @_the.paintednail. She uses a pink to gradient base as a backdrop for white Libra- and constellation-themed details.

Modern symmetry

Libras are all about balance — there’s a reason why they are symbolized by a scale — and there is something about this super-cool nail design from @jennixnails that just hits that sentiment perfectly.


Another personality trait that Libras are known for? Being organized. If you can relate, then this simple yet hyper-detailed nail design from @hellobirdielab probably speaks to you.

Elegant tips


One of the more romantic zodiac signs, Libras specifically are thought to appreciate tradition and chivalry when it comes to love and dating. It doesn’t get much more traditional than a French mani, but you can make it feel more modern by going for a trendy shape (pictured above), and adding subtle sparkly details by outlining the white tip with a thin, silver border, or adding tiny rhinestones to the nail bed.

The space between


Another modern riff of the classic French manicure is this simple yet detailed nail art design that is probably way harder to pull off than it looks. You need to get the outlines just right for it to look a impressive as this, but perhaps your strong attention to detail is what will help you pull this off.

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