13 Cute Nail Wrap Designs That Are Super Easy to DIY

Nail art and design trends as a whole change faster than you can say “glazed donut nails.” But the best nail wraps and stickers are one of the easiest and non-committal ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing mani movement. These temporary peel-and-stick solutions are ideal for short to medium-length nails, and if applied properly, can last longer than regular nail polish.

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Think of nail wraps as a less high-maintenance version of press-on nails; if you’ve ever experienced the lowkey trauma of showing up to your destination with a missing press-on, you’ll take comfort in knowing that wraps offer more security, especially when doing things like digging in your purse for lip oil or styling your hair.

The best part about nail stickers is that there’s zero drying time and you don’t need to be ambidextrous or a trained nail artist to pull off a clean and quick at-home manicure. You can literally pop them on while you’re watching TV (or stuck in traffic in the back of an Uber).

Nail wraps on the other hand resemble stickers, but most are made out of actual gel nail polish. The adhesive backing sticks to your natural nails and then you just file off the edge to fit your nail shape. They often need to be cured with a UV lamp to heat up the adhesive backing and really stick. Removal varies per kit, but most can be peeled off by hand or with a wooden stick. When applied properly, nail wraps can also be long-lasting—we’re talking up to two weeks—and are less harmful to your nails in the long run as acrylics or traditional gel manicures. And no matter what mani mood you’re in, many brands offer options in both solid colors and patterns.

So whether you’re looking to try the mismatched nails trend or want a faster way to get your go-to neutral, there’s a nail wrap to go along with it. Ahead, find the best nail wraps and best nail stickers to meet all of your easy and affordable manicure needs.

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