14 Things We’ve Tried, Loved, And Think You Will, Too

“I am on my SOAP BOX about this tumbler. Besides being adorable, insulated, and complete with a silicone-topped stainless straw and slip-resistant base, it has *actually* helped me drink enough water every day that I don’t need to use tons of eye drops to take my contacts out at night!!

“Obviously, I got it for my wedding, but the miracle moment came when my husband suggested I try to drink *two full fills* of the tumbler a day. Cue the immediate effect! On the very first day and for every day I’ve used it after that — almost 2 months now — even though I stare at my work computer for 8 full hours, I don’t need eye drops to remove my contacts!!

“A medication side effect contributes some, but my dry eye problems — probably related to not drinking enough water — started even before that, back in college. For a while new contacts helped, then daily contacts, but after starting the medication even those didn’t help. 

These days, I do have contacts designed specifically for dry eyes, and do a couple of other things my eye doctor recommended to help, but I was still having to use multiple rehydrating drops each night to get them out of my eyes. Until I got this tumbler, that is.

Of course, just because this worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. Read more at the American Optometric Association about Computer Vision Syndrome and Dry Eye, and at Mayo Clinic about how much water you might need in a day. And I always recommend talking to your doctor!

“Other cool features that make it worth the money? The screw-top lid features both a rubber gasket and a spring-shut, gasket-sealed trapdoor over the straw hole that closes up when you pull the straw out. All of that means you can pull the straw out to throw the mug in a bag, with zero worries about leaks.

“If you put enough ice in — the more you add, the longer it’ll stay frozen — the insulation will keep ’em frozen solid and your water super chilled for AGES. I tested it with 12 ice cubes, and my water stayed ICE COLD for 12 WHOLE HOURS, even with two refills over the ice!” —Natalie Brown

Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in 20 colors).

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