20 Rare Barbie Dolls With Impeccable Style

The Devi Kroell Barbie was also released in 2010, although her retail price tag was significantly lower than Stefani Canturi Barbie. She too was a one-of-a-kind Barbie designed by the New York luxury fashion house Devi Kroell for a charity auction. Her sale of $1,075 benefitted the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s fashion scholarship program and education initiatives.

Regarding the design, Devi Kroell said in a Cision press release, “Her Devi inspired look was created in the same way as we would a new piece for a new collection, starting with her very own pattern, her very own muslin, her first prototype fitting, first correction, her second prototype fitting, look, style, and fit … creating not only a special look but also capturing a picture perfect childhood memory for everyone involved.”

The stylish doll has dark hair pulled back in a neat braid and wears a simple but elegant black dress. The dress has long sleeves and a semi-square neckline, paired with a sash around the waist. Her burgundy handbag hangs from a long chain and perfectly accents her thigh-high boots, which are made of real gold.

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