21 White Nail Designs That Are Anything But Basic

With Y2K looks continuing to dominate social feeds, it comes almost as no surprise that a white nail design renaissance is upon us. The crisp, clean shade is not only spotlighted on bride’s wedding nails but is the reason french manicures even exist. Manicurists are now bringing a more modern touch to the clean shade, which can be seen through the current beloved milk-bath nail trend. While the ’90s may have produced “Van Cleef” nails, we have the 2000s to thank for the surge in white nails, from minimalist-approved matte looks to more bold maximalist styles (think glitter and 3D elements).

You don’t have to use white nail polish solely to achieve the look, either. Some of the most photo-worthy designs include hints of color or incorporate white nail art with negative space.

Still, if you’re wondering how to incorporate white nails into your own unique aesthetic, we talked to a celebrity manicurist who explains below why the shade is so popular and what looks are the trendiest to show off this year.

Experts Featured in This Article

Julie Kandalec is a celebrity manicurist whose list of clientele includes Emily Blunt, Joe Jonas, Jessica Chastain, and more.

“White is simply the most classic and clean color in the spectrum of shades — since white technically isn’t a color,” Julie Kandalec. “It is a no-fail base color for any nail art because it instantly makes any color in any design pop more in contrast.”

When it comes to white nail ideas that are “rapidly gaining traction,” Kandalec has noticed micro-french styles (specifically with a white tip), pillow nails, and white chrome details to be the most popular.

To see examples of white nail art ideas to save for your next trip to the salon, keep scrolling.

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