25 Coolest Small Knotless Braids Black Women Are Getting in 2023

Small knotless braids have become increasingly popular as a protective hairstyle, and for good reason. Aramide Dada, a skilled hair braider with extensive expertise, explains the benefits of this style and offers valuable advice for various hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyle types.

Meet The Expert

Aramide Dada
Aramide Dada
Aramide is a natural hair specialist with over 10 years of experience.
You can find her at Curlz of Glory in Orlando, FL.

Knotless Braids for Every Hair Texture and Thickness

Knotless braids offer numerous benefits over regular box braids, putting less tension on the hair and scalp. This versatile style can be adapted for every texture of hair. For those with thin hair, small knotless braids can add fullness, but caution should be exercised with the amount of extension hair used to prevent excess weight and tension.

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, use just enough extension to add length, as your natural thickness will account for the braid’s thickness.

Avoid excessive tension on the scalp to prevent hair loss and thinning. If dealing with hair loss, it’s advisable to focus on treating the hair follicles before getting any protective hairstyle.

For individuals still opting for braids, choosing mid-back or Bob-length braids can help reduce tension. Adding curls between the braids adds volume and conceals thinning areas. A nourishing hair growth oil like Curlz Of Glory Restorative Hair Serum is highly recommended.

Flattering Knotless Braids for Different Face Shapes

Knotless braids complement all face shapes beautifully. To style knotless braids effectively, remember that it differs from styling natural hair. You cannot cut or curl the braids to frame your face, so creativity is key. Various simple styles include a side part, middle part, ponytail, and half up, half down.

For those looking to frame their faces and add layers, incorporating curls between the braids is the way to go. For round faces, a middle part with long layers from the jawline suits well. An oval face shines with a long bob or shoulder-length braids. A heart-shaped face benefits from a side part with long layers.

Essential Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Maintaining knotless braids is vital for their longevity and appearance. Oiling the scalp at least once a week nourishes follicles and promotes scalp health. Protecting the style with a silk scarf or bonnet during sleep is crucial to prevent frizz and wear.

Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo is an excellent option for gently cleansing the scalp when it feels dirty and itchy. To tame flyaways, apply mousse to the roots and secure them with a scarf. Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Styling Mousse is a highly recommended product.

Pictures of the Most Stylist Small Knotless Braids

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