25 Cow Print Nail Designs To Embrace Your Inner Coastal Cowgirl

When it comes to trending nail art, there truly are two completely different ends of the spectrum at the moment. The first being the manicure minimalists, who much prefer understated sheer pink hues like Margot Robbie or milky white sets à la Kourtney Kardashian.

As for the “more is more” nail lovers of the world? It’s clear that playful patterns as recently worn by Hailey Bieber, vibrant color, and fruit-filled manicures (including cherries, strawberries, watermelon, and more) are a major green flag for the summer months and beyond.

The understated nail art design that also seems to be popping up happens to be cow print. While Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner have been spotted with the cow-inspired nails back in 2019, the country-esque design is going through a revival thanks to the rising coastal cowgirl aesthetic, along with Robbie’s headline-making Cowgirl Barbie look featured in the upcoming Barbie film.

Whether or not you claim the TikTok-approved coastal cowgirl aesthetic as your own — cow print nail art is an adorable manicure that has basically become a neutral at this point.

From low-key micro French nails to some very Barbiecore hot pink tips — here are 25 unique ways to incorporate cow print into your next manicure.


Abstract Frenchies

These abstractly painted cow spots completely elevate these XXL French nails.


Strawberry Milkshake

For a pretty mani moment that nods to yummy strawberry milkshakes, opt for a classic cow print manicure with a few baby pink statement nails in between.


Luxe 3D Cottagecore Set

Decorate your tips with some on-trend 3D details for a luxe set.


Mod Lines

For just a hint of coastal cowgirl vibes, opt for tiny cow print details.


A Bit Of “Red Nail Theory”

If you so happen to be a fan of sultry red nails, this manicure design is for you.


Micro French Moment

Get in on the cow print nail art trend (without fully committing) with expertly painted micro French tips.


With Cherries On Top

With cow print and cherries — this playful set proves that two trends are truly better than one.


Glitter-Lined French Tips

For a bit of shimmer, line your French tips with some ultra-thin glitter.


Hi, Cowgirl Barbie!

For Barbie movie nights and beyond — these hot pink tips are a nod to Margot Robbie’s headline-making Cowgirl Barbie look.


Pretty Chrome Details

Just a hint of cow-inspired spots and chrome detailing makes for an ultra-chic mani.


Milk Chocolate Spots

Swap out your raven black lacquer for a chocolate brown polish for a soft girl, cow-inspired manicure.


Picking Daisies

Daisies and cow print? Just adorable.


Modern Moo-nicure

For the mani minimalists with short nails, this understated art is simple enough to match every single outfit and mood.


Pink Patchwork Mani


Crisp French Tips

For fans of the classic French manicure, try decorating the white tips with some black spots.


Go For Gold Flakes

Add in some golden flakes for a bit of extra shine.


Dark Spots

As you head into the cool fall and winter months, a dark black mani is made all the more chic with a few cow spot tips.


Clear Cow Print

Decorate crystal clear tips with big dark black spots for a larger-than-life nail design.


Monochromatic Matte

Paint unique designs on each nail in cow-inspired shades of brown, cream, and black.


Dainty Details

No doubt painted on with a fine-tipped polish brush, these dainty nails are elegant and fun all at the same time.


Half And Half

Business on one side. Party on the other.


Colorful Cowgirl

Go outside of the norm with cow printed nails of every single color combination.


Flame On

This orange-hued set features classic cow prints and cow-printed flames to match.


Hello, Hot Pink

If you can’t decide between hot pink tips or buzzy cow spots — this manicure that combines both looks is surely for you.


Classic Cow Print Mani

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic cow print mani.

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