30 Metallic Nail Designs for a Luxe and Edgy Manicure

A manicure doesn’t have to use an array of different colors or shapes to be bold. Metallic nails offer an easy way to create a bold look that functions like jewelry — you can wear them seamlessly with any outfit.

“Metallics are an easy way to add a sophisticated shine or luxe accent to a basic mani,” explains celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose. To incorporate metallic into a manicure, she “usually opts for gel polish and gold or silver accents, such as charms or chains.”

Meet the expert

  • Fleury Rose is a celebrity manicurist who works in New York City and New Jersey.
  • Gina Edwards is a celebrity nail stylist based in New York City.

Celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards loves using chrome powder and magnetic velvet (aka cat eye) polishes. “There are so many different takes on metallic nails, and people are really enjoying it,” says Edwards. “It really is cohesive with a lot of outfits.”

Ahead, browse 30 metallic nail looks.

‘90s Tattoo


Rose created this look inspired by ’90s molten heart tattoos. It features an edgy silver design atop a milky white base adorned with white and silver pearls.

Gold Dip


Edwards created this look for Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2024 show in New York City. It uses KISS press-ons as the base for a melted metallic tip.

Silver Circles


For a simple, yet impactful look, Rose created abstract silver chrome circles on a milky nude base.

Molten Chrome


These nails look like they’re dripping molten metal, thanks to 3D gel coated in a high-impact silver chrome powder.

Liquid Gold


Consider this look the sister nail to the Molten Silver look above. It takes the same approach, 3D gel topped with chrome, but instead of using a silver powder, a rich gold was used.

Milky Mirror


For a funky yet uniform look, this manicure features a milky white base with wiggly panes of silver running down the side of each nail. It’s finished with a stack of two tiny pearls at the base of each nail.

Simple Swirl


This pink and gold look keeps it simple, with a strong squiggle running across each nail.

Minimalist Chrome


Metal nails will always be bold, but this look takes a bit of a minimalist approach, adorning the nails with bits of chrome like jewelry.

Gold Leaf


Gold leaf is such a fun and easy way to add a gilded look to your nails. Paintbox creative director Mabelyn Alva created this look using gold leaf on top of a milky white base.

Velvet Taupe


Velvet nails are so fun because the magnetic polish gives each nail its own unique look. This look features a silver with taupe undertones.

Fine Lines


Bold and striking, this sharp French manicure is accented with silver squiggles. Although the lines are super fine, they add a touch of drama to the look.

Big 3D


3D gel was used to create the thick chrome effects on this manicure. The addition of the 3D design contrasts the matte polish really well.

Glitter French


For a sleek, yet sparkling look, a high-shine silver glitter was used to create a super thin French manicure.

Pewter Chrome


Instead of using the typical bright chrome base, this nail makes use of a deeper pewter shade for a moody metallic manicure.

Chrome Swirls


To get the tip effect without creating tips, this manicure uses a cluster of metallic squiggles toward the tip of each nail. A few of the nails also have little crystals for some added interest.

Double French


By using two thin lines to create a double French, this look is pretty without being too loud. If the space between the lines were filled with glitter, the vibe would be totally different.

Diamond-Studded Nude


Using a collection of crystals on a sheer nude base is a fun and approachable take on the metallic nail trend.

Micro Tips


This clean look uses silver chrome to create a micro tip. The ring finger on each hand features a cluster of pearls and crystals as if there is a ring on the nail — which is so cool.

Champagne Tips


For a super clean and futuristic French, a champagne chrome powder was applied to the tips of each nail. If you look too fast you may miss the subtle design, and that’s what makes it so special.

Reflective Tips


This high-shine look combines a gold chrome French tip with an iridescent, milky base.

Golden Tips


Paired with the stiletto shape of the nail, this gold micro French is super sharp. The chrome powder makes the tip stand out so much.

Mixed Metals


Alva crafted abstract circles on a nude base using a blend of silver and copper chrome for an edgy mixed-metal effect.

Bronzed Chome


Using a gold-hued chrome over a brown polish creates this stunning bronze effect.

Negative Space


Edwards created this look on herself. It features abstract blobs of silver on a clear base for a simple yet interesting design.

Textured Chrome


Textured silver, gold, and copper swipes on a sheer nude base create this dynamic manicure. The swipes are different on each nail, which adds another layer of interest.

Down the Middle


This design features a silver chrome detail that extends from the sharp point of the stiletto nail down to the bottom fourth of the nail.

Sparkly French


For a micro French tip with a bit more excitement, you can finish the look with a super-fine glitter. It allows you to appreciate both the sparkle and negative space of the French.

Golden Moments


Kandalec created this look by making abstract gold shapes on a sheer, nude base. It’s a chic and dynamic look.

Gold Leaves


This design juxtaposes the shine of a gold chrome leaf design with a matte milky white base. Keeping the base matte allows the leaves to really stand out.

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