30 Things I Bet No One Will Believe You Got For Less Than $20

Sawyer and Scout is a Utah-based woman-owned small business offering almost 200 different nail wraps and press-on nails. 

BuzzFeed shopping editor Katy Herman says: “I looooove doing my nails at home and have since the pandemic started; it’s a nice weekly self-care ritual and, since I bite my nails, and they’re super short, less painful than a salon mani. I’ve tried out several different stick-on pattern designs, and let me go on record saying I’ve stopped splurging on ManiMe’s sets in favor of even cuter and longer-lasting $5 options on Etsy from small businesses like Sawyer and Scout and Pretty Fab Nails. They’re better bang for your buck and dare I say a better product, period!

When I tried this particular set from Utah-based shop Sawyer and Scout, I was honestly blown away — I had these stickers on for over a week, and they were still over 90% intact on every finger, without a single one having fallen off since I applied them. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re somehow only FIVE BUCKS. They weren’t hard to apply or shape to my nails at all. All of that plus the fact that this small biz makes tons and tons more designs for their wraps (which are made from real nail polish on medical-grade adhesive) = many more orders in my future. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a lot of pesky peeling involved to access each sticker, and that combined with my short nails mean that the process made a decent amount of waste. Still, I’m super excited about finding this brand, and the fact that each set comes with a few extras means you have backups if you mess up *or* you can save them for future manis to come (hello accent nails!). And psst, another tip: I finished off my mani with my favorite Orly top coat.”

Get 16 wraps from Sawyer and Scout on Etsy for $4.99.

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