33 Best Thanksgiving Nail Designs For a Chic and Festive Holiday

The holiday season warrants a line-up of standout manicures. Thanksgiving nails, for example, may sound like a superfluous addition to the celebration, but when one considers the palette, textures, and peak autumnal-ness associated with the day, an aesthetic homage becomes the only natural choice. 

“Fall is a time where it’s both cool enough and warm enough to wear whatever you want, and that freedom is extended down to your glove-free fingertips,” says nail artist Miss Pop, who favors vampy red polish and neutrals matched to hair color as the leaves change their shades. Warm metallics, brocade-inspired finishes, and seasonal motifs have their place, too. As an added impetus, the Thanksgiving table finds us lifting glasses and passing plates, making your nails a feature—one that you may as well play up. 

Pop, for one, considers a manicure to be the ultimate means of honoring an occasion. “Nail polish isn’t a tattoo—it’s ephemeral,” she explains. “You wear a nail look for a week or a few and then—poof!—you change again, completely. So nail art is really an art form that lets you celebrate the moment, just like a holiday.” Committed to serving up a Thanksgiving manicure along with a signature dish? Here, 33 polish jobs designed to inspire your own Thanksgiving nails.

1. Playful Burgundy

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