33 Products We’ve Put Into Basically A Million Posts (For A Reason)

Promising review: “I don’t normally have trouble with blisters or pain from my work shoes, but I travel regularly to Washington, DC, for work. I walk a lot while I’m there, including when it’s hot and muggy in the summer, and any kind of shoe I’ve tried gives me blisters when I walk five miles a day with extremely sweaty feet and no socks. I thought my only options were to coat my feet in Band-Aids or bite the bullet and start wearing tights or socks in the heat, but then I found this stuff. I just got back from a week in DC in shoes that have given me blisters before, and my feet are completely fine. I did reapply in the evenings going out for dinner, but otherwise, just a few swipes on the problem spots and I was ready to go, with no painful rubbing. And, of course, the size is convenient for travel and to keep in my bag in case I do need to reapply.” —L. Kelly

Get it from Amazon for $9.

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