5 final predictions for Ahsoka

It’s the final weekend before Ahsoka drops on Disney+. Anticipation is high. The hype train is flying off the rails. Fans are excited to see the return of the Ghost crew and everyone’s favorite Togruta. It’s a perfect time to throw out one last round of speculation before the series. From the most likely to the weird and wild, here are my final five predictions for Ahsoka.

1. Ezra Bridger is Found

This point is a given. The series’ premise is the search for Ezra and Thrawn, and they wouldn’t cast Eman Esfandi to only be in a hologram during the trailers. The real question is how much Ezra will we get depending on when he appears in the series. Also, what state will he be in? Already, there are theories he could have fallen into the Dark Side. Regardless, it will be such a treat to have the Ghost crew reunited again.

2. Star Wars Resistance tie-ins

With the reveal of Hamato Xiono in the early trailers, Ahsoka is bumping up against the timeline of one of Dave Filoni’s other shows. He was the executive producer and creator of Star Wars Resistance, so if anyone will slide in a nod toward it, it’s him.

While I would freak out to see little Kazuda Xiono as a kid, the adult protagonists would most likely be candidates to show up. There’s no reason Scott Lawrence, Tasia Valenza, or Jason Hightower couldn’t play live-action versions of Yeager, Venisa, and Emanuel Doza. Even a nod to the Aces like Hype Fazon, Bo Keevil, Griff Halloran, and Freya Fenris could be fun as the racers could be in earlier parts of their careers. Do I dream of Orka making deals at a bar while his partner Flix is crashing as a failed cantina singer on stage in the background? Aunt Z? There are many possible characters who could appear from the Colossus or even the baddies with Agent Tierny or Commander Pyre from the First Order.

Give me that Resistance content, please and thank you.

3. The Mandalorian Crossovers

While the most likely chance would be a mention from the titular character, there’s a possibility we could catch a glimpse of Din Djarin and Grogu in Ahsoka. The series is part of The Mandalodian universe building up to Dave Filoni’s movie. It would make sense to have Ahsoka tie in with the flagship series.

A peek at Luke Skywalker and where he is at building his Jedi school wouldn’t be too crazy, either. I’ve always wanted Luke and Ezra to meet since Ezra is only a few days older than the Skywalker twins. Ezra met Leia in Star Wars Rebels, so let him meet the other twin too.

And honestly, if there was a Star Wars character that would go, “IS THAT A BABY YODA!?” it would be Ezra Bridger.

4. Chiss Ascendancy

Moving into the realms of things that are less likely but still possible, there could be a chance to have an on-screen look at the Chiss Ascendancy in all of its glory. It’s been reported that Dave Filoni consulted Chiss creator Timothy Zahn during Ahsoka’s creation. Granted, this could be to make sure the portrayal of Thrawn lines up with his book appearances because maybe Filoni has learned from Tales of the Jedi.  But it’s exciting to think we might see the Chiss Ascendancy.

Dare we dream of fan-favorite Eli Vanto showing up too?

5. Changing timelines

Of everything on this list, the Ahsoka series changing the Star Wars timeline is unlikely. Though, anything can happen with the World Between Worlds possibly in play. It’s how Ahsoka’s life was saved in Star Wars Rebels, so Filoni is not afraid to make Star Wars weird.

That said, any timeline shenanigans would more than likely be handled how it was in Star Wars Rebels. The World Between Worlds was opened and closed in the same episode and has not been touched since then. I’m sure any timeline stuff is on a short leash, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

What are your final predictions for Ahsoka? Let us know in the comments, and tune in for Ahsoka‘s new release date, August 22, at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT.

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