5-Minute Trampoline Booty Workout

A sage poet once said, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie.” 

Same, Sir Mix-a-Lot, same. 

We’re always down for a workout that helps us tone up our tushes, like today’s booty routine. It was created for us by Colette Dong and Aly Giampolo, founders of The Ness, a beat-based, movement-focused fitness method that offers workouts both on and off the trampoline. 

“We’re going to take you through a five-minute workout that focuses on your lower body, especially your booty and hamstrings. We’ll also include a little bit of core because who doesn’t love a booty and abs situation?” Colette says. 

No mini trampoline? No problem. 

They demo the workout both with and without one. If you have a mini trampoline at home, follow along with Colette. If you’re sans trampoline, take your cues from Aly. 

Ready to get started? Press play on the video below. 

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