5 Ways to Become a Baddie

This is a glimpse at how a Baddie makes power moves, such as being true to herself by paying precise attention to fashion and beauty she affects those who see her in public or on social media.

Baddies are those people we all love to hate in life, or at least the ones we secretly want to be like because of how cool they make themselves look on social media and how well they walk the line between out of control and taking care of business. Becoming a Baddie can seem like an impossible dream if you’re not sure where to start, but there are actually plenty of steps you can take toward being more baddified yourself in your own life if you know where to look. Here are 5 ways to become a Baddie, whether you want it or not.

1) Be Confident

While it might be easier said than done, learning how to embrace your confidence is crucial for any aspiring Baddie. After all, confident people seem badder than those who lack self-assurance and aren’t as sure of themselves. There are ways you can increase your own self-confidence, which will lead to more power moves. One way is by simply taking care of yourself: Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat well. You should also surround yourself with like-minded individuals—those who support your goals—and get rid of toxic friends or family members who don’t believe in you or want to see you succeed. If that sounds hard (or impossible), consider hiring a life coach or therapist to help guide you through these changes; they’ll make all the difference in helping you become a Baddie!

2) Maintain A Baddie Aesthetic

Staying on brand with your Baddie aesthetic is essential. If you are already walking around rocking designer pieces, then you are most likely giving off that I make power moves attitude without even trying. You can take it one step further by picking up a small token piece that has your favorite designer’s logo or logo image printed on it. This will give off an extra dose of swag. Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent. It also gives people insight into how they should approach you in public and social settings. Your style shows others how they should treat you and what they should expect from interacting with you. 

3) Have a Style That Works For You

The key element of any Baddie aesthetic is true confidence—and if you can’t rock a certain style, it’s probably not right for you. Be true to yourself and your own preferences, both in fashion and in beauty, and when others emulate your look, that’s just icing on the cake. If you want to be considered a Baddie, always be true to yourself first and foremost. After all, imitation is flattery!

4) Work Hard And Don’t Take Shit From Anyone

You’re probably wondering why you need to work hard and don’t take shit from anyone. If it sounds like I’m talking about your job, then that’s because we all have one—our own. A key component of being a Bad Bitch is knowing how to stand up for yourself in any scenario and how not to be pushed around by anyone. As far as work is concerned, Bitch means business. When someone tries to push you around or doesn’t respect your time, tell them they can either get with your program or get out of your way. It may sound harsh, but if you want to succeed in life (or at least look good doing it), you need to know how to put people in their place when necessary.

5) Find Inspiration Everywhere

Earlier we published, “What is a Baddie?” It received widespread social media attention and became a source of inspiration for aspiring Baddies and Baddies alike.

So consider all aspects of your life and brainstorm your current outlook on beauty. Are you a fan of blue or prefer neutrals? Maybe floral is more your style, or do you wear bold patterns every day? You’ll have fun choosing new products and outfits that will develop your own Baddie aesthetic. If you feel like a change from your everyday routine, try something new—even if it’s just changing up your lipstick shade. Take some time to consider what makes you happy with how you look and dress; then think about how those things can be incorporated into your daily life. Before long, they’ll become second nature!

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