50 Canadians Who Shaped Canadian Hip-Hop: 10 Women Who Changed The Game

Hip-hop continues to influence culture around the world. From wardrobe choices to marketing decisions, hip-hop has been leading the evolution of culture. What was first established in Bronx, New York, 50 years ago is now a multi-billion dollar international legacy. But who are some female players who have helped sustain, build, and cultivate this legacy in Canada? 

For this series of 50 Canadians who helped shape hip-hop, Complex Canada is splitting it up into five categories: 10 early trailblazers, 10 women who changed the game, 10 from “Northern Touch” and 2000’s, 10 from Drake to now, and 10 pushing things forward.

Our latest: Here’s Complex Canada’s list of 10 women who changed the game in Canada.

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