6 Must-have products for a nail tech to curate beautiful manicures

Every good manicure requires skill and a specific set of tools and products that help achieve the desired result. Nail technicians often have a collection of tools and products to ensure quality artistry and satisfy their client’s wishes. If one looking to take their nail sessions to the next level, it is important to get their hands on the best equipment.

Out-of-the-box designs and nail art are much easier to achieve if one has the right products. Every nail tech should have essentials including cuticle oil, base and top coat, emery boards, electric nail files, and more to ensure their clients have a great experience.

Nail techs’ must-haves for the best manicures

1) Cuticle oil:

Cuticle oil is applied just above the nail and it is massaged into the nail and the skin around the nail. It helps improve blood circulation around the nails and protects the nails as well.

Cuticle oil is also used to moisten and hydrate the nails. Nail technicians apply cuticle oil on the nails to ensure the polish looks glossy and the nails appear healthy.

2) Base and top coat:

Nail techs usually apply a base and top coat to ensure one’s manicure or pedicure lasts longer. A simple colorless base coat is applied to the nail before the nail polish is applied. This helps hold the color in place and nourishes the nails as well. A top coat is then applied over the color to add a gloss to the nails and ensure they do not chip.

Using a base coat and top coat assures clients that their manicures will be of high quality and last longer.

3) Clippers:

One needs nail clippers for both fingernails and toenails to operate effectively as a nail tech. However, one should also consider adding additional nail clippers to their kit. For instance, acrylic nails are easier to clip with nail edge cutters.

Individuals should also ensure they have pedicure-specific clippers. Toenails require stronger clippers and using them allows clients to have a pain-free experience.

4) Nail files and emery boards:

Nail files and emery boards are important and irreplaceable tools found in most technicians’ tool kits. They are used to smoothen the surface or sides of the nail to ensure the perfect finish for manicures. These tools are also used to shape the nails as per the client’s wishes.

They can be purchased in different sizes to achieve the desired results.

5) Electric nail file:

An electric nail file is an important tool for all nail technicians. Using an electric nail file ensures efficiency and accuracy when it comes to nail preparation and the shaping process. Unlike traditional nail files, electric nail files allow individuals to change speed levels and intensity, which can be adjusted depending on the condition of a client’s nails.

They also come with several attachments, which help nail techs perform various manicure services, ranging from gel polish removal to acrylic nail shaping, with the help of a single tool. An electric nail file is a must-have for all nail technicians as it helps achieve speed and accuracy, thus improving the customer experience.

6) Nail polishes:

Applying nail polish is one of the final steps of the manicure process. It is used to add a touch of color, shine, and style to clients’ nails, taking their look to the next level.

There is an endless supply of shades and finishes available in the market and it is important to try and cater to all clients’ tastes. Hence, one must have nude shades, metallic colors, nail polishes with glitter, and more in their kit.

Nail techs must also ensure they invest in colors that have hardening and protective elements that keep the nails healthy and ensure durability, making the manicure look stylish and last longer.

To sum up, there are many important tools and products that nail technicians can use to provide high-quality manicures to clients, making them feel confident and stylish. Items like nail files, electric nail files, cuticle oil, and more are essential if one wishes to achieve professional results.

Overall, nail technicians should have a compact set of essential products to meet their customers’ varied needs and preferences and add beauty and sophistication to their lives.

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