60 Halloween Nail Art Designs That Go Beyond Your Basic Black Mani

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The spookiest holiday of the year is upon us. While you’re searching for the perfect costume and thinking of which sweet treats to serve at the big bash, how about trick or treating yourself to some easy Halloween nail art to really get in the spirit?

Whether you want to go extra spooky or super chic, we gathered the best designs to gear up this October. You can borrow inspo from classic horror movies like Scream and The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as seasonal snacks like candy corn. Or, you can spice up your basic black manicure with some cat eyes or spider webs—and we even threw a few minimalist looks in the mix. So, without further ado, here are 60 Halloween nail art designs that you can do right at home.

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1. Python Print

A little texture can go a long way. All you need to start are a few simple tools: some mesh, a toothbrush and a polish. (Here’s a tutorial to guide you.)

Get the design: Annie mesh fabric ($7); Chanel red polish ($32)

2. Cat Eyes

Have all eyes on you…literally. After swiping on black polish as a base color, try your hand at painting on yellow cat eyes using a small brush. Here’s a tutorial for some inspo.

Get the design: Essie black polish ($10); Essie yellow polish ($10); Essie green polish ($10); Striping brush ($10)

3. Bloody French Tips

Take a break from your classic white for a freaky surprise instead. You can use a dotting tool or a striping brush to create uneven lines and achieve the dripping effect.

Get the design: Dotting tool ($6); Nails Inc red polish ($15)

4. Spider Accents

While the thought of a spider crawling on your skin might be your worst nightmare, sporting the creature on your nails is just spooky enough. Use the dotting tool to create the body of the spider and a thin brush to create eight legs.

Get the design: Dotting tool ($6); Sally Hansen black polish ($15)

5. Silver Spider Webs

Speaking of spiders, you can also weave a web on your nails with this negative space design. Use a brush to create five diagonal lines before connecting them with small, curved dashes. (Tip: If you want to make your lines more uniform, you can always use some nail tape.

Get the design: Nail art liner brushes ($10; $7); Essie silver polish ($13)

6. Color Block Splats

Here’s a fang-tastic design to go with your vampire costume. Apply a red base coat before going over half of your nail with black polish. Don’t worry about the lines being straight—that’s part of the fun.

Get the design: Jinsoon red polish ($18) Jinsoon black polish ($18)

7. Abstract Strokes

Not all Halloween nail art has to be spiders, black cats and pumpkins. Take an abstract approach to the spooky holiday. There’s no right way to do this look just let the brush do the work by creating small strokes with each color.

Get the design: Jinsoon black polish ($18); Jinsoon white polish ($18)

8. Halloween Jewels

Want a bold look but drawing is out of the question? Bedazzle your nails with a few jewels. Apply a base coat of your choice before dotting nail glue where you want to place your gem. (Tip: Make the dots of glue smaller than the size of each gem to avoid messing up your design.) Then, use tweezers to place the jewels onto your nails and press down gently before moving on to the next finger.

Get the design: Nail glue ($13); Halloween gems ($21)

9. Candy Corn French Tips

Here’s a sweet take on a classic French mani. To create the look, apply a clear base over your nails and let it dry before using white, orange and yellow polish on the tips.

Get the design: Sally Hansen white polish ($4); Essie yellow polish ($10); Essie orange polish ($10)

10. Disney Magic

If Disney Halloween movies (or the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party) gets you in the holiday spirit, this design is for you. While it certainly requires a bit more skill than other designs, we have no doubt you can master it with a steady hand.

Get the design: Nail art liner brushes ($20; $10)

11. Spooky Stickers

While these miniature designs are handpainted, we think stickers work just as well. Just peel the stickers off the sheet and place them wherever you want before setting them into place with a top coat.

Get the design: Stickers ($7)

12. Witch Prints

No magic is needed to design these prints. From the moon to the crystal ball, use a striping brush to draw a witch’s necessities to the best of your abilities.

Get the design: Sally Hansen white polish ($7); Nail art liner brushes ($10; $7)

13. Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s not Halloween without the “Pumpkin King,” so let each nail highlight a character from the Disney movie. Whether it’s Jack Skellington, Sally or Zero, this design can be recreated using a thin brush to get all the details.

Get the design: Nail art striping tools ($10)

14. Pumpkin Patch

Introducing the true symbol of the holiday: pumpkins. Start with a base coat before painting on a half heart shape to create the pumpkin. Then, using a darker shade of polish and a thin brush, draw on the lines. (BTW, you can also try this technique as a French tip. Here’s a tutorial.)

Get the design: Essie orange polish ($10); Nail art toolkit ($12; $10)

15. Ghouly Ghost

Here’s a boo-tiful design that’s not at all scary to do. Use a thin brush to create white curvy shapes before adding two black dots for the eyes.

Get the design: Nails Inc. white polish ($8); Nail art liner brushes ($14)

16. Black Cat

No bad luck here. Draw out the furry feline, but keep the focus on the base of your nails for a twist on the half-moon look. Option to add some cat eyes to bring the design to life.

Get the design: Olive & June black polish ($8)

17. Fiery Flames

Whether you attempt a freehand drawing (here’s an easy tutorial) or rely on stickers, this look is sure to make your nails a hot talking point.

Get the design: Flame stickers ($8)

18. Bloody Eyeballs

Keep a close eye on this nail art. Apply a light base color before using a stripping brush to draw the eyes and drops of blood. Don’t forget to leave a few nails painted in a bold red shade to create contrast (and really make the eyes pop).

Get the design: Zoya red polish ($12); Nail art toolkit ($12)

19. Animal Prints

For the true party animals out there, show off your stripes at your next Halloween event. First, use a base color and once it dries, use another shade to etch on tapered lines across each nail (making sure to leave space for an animalistic print effect).

Get the design: Essie black polish ($10); Essie orange polish ($10)

20. Statement Finger

OK, so you don’t want to break away from your go-to black mani. We get it. But how about throwing just one statement nail into the mix?

Get the design: Olive & June black polish ($9); Olive & June white polish ($9)

21. Geometric Shapes

Play with lines and shapes for a simple yet chic design. Nail tape offers clean, straight guidelines for each nail.

Get the design: Striping tape ($5)

22. Spell It Out

Let your nails do all the talking. If hand lettering isn’t your thing, try some stickers or stencils instead.

Get the design: Letter stickers ($6)

23. Matte Finish

Gloss shouldn’t have all the fun. Grab a matte top coat and apply it over a color of your choice to leave a satin finish that’s not pure shine.

Get the design: OPI matte top coat ($11)

24. Beetlejuice

Say his name three times, and you might find “Beetlejuice” written across your nails. Use his signature colors—white, black and green—to create the swirls, splats and spider designs inspired by the hit ’80s movie.

Get the design: Gucci black polish ($35); Gucci green polish ($35)

25. Ombré Effect

Create a gradient effect using white and black polish for a haunting look. Apply white polish as a base, before reaching for a sponge to dab the black polish on in layers. Make sure to let the first layer dry completely before repeating the step until you reach the tips. Here’s a tutorial to perfect the design.

Get the design: Sponges ($13; $9); Sundays white polish ($18); Sundays black polish ($18)

26. Skeleton Hands

A bone-fied look indeed. After applying a black base coat, use a thin brush to create small, curved rectangles, with enough space between them to really bring the skeletal feel to life.

Get the design: Nail art striping tools ($14)

27. Mummified

Good ‘ol nail tape (or some steady handiwork) can easily achieve this mummy look.

Get the design: Jinsoon white polish ($18)

28. Snakes

Trick the eye into seeing a never-ending snake slither its way across your hands. A striping brush can make the dips and curves look like they’re all connected.

Get the design: Nail art toolkit ($12)

29. Jack-o-Lantern

Swap the carving tools for a brush and some polish instead. Apply an orange base coat before drawing two, evenly spaced vertical lines on each nail. The fun part? Sketching the pumpkin’s face to match your mood.

Get the design: Nail art liner brushes ($10; $7); Nailtopia orange polish ($10)

30. Addams Family

Channel your inner Wednesday Addams with this design that’s inspired by her iconic outfit. Add a few spider webs to bring the look together.

Get the design: Nail art toolkit ($12; $10); Chanel black polish ($32)

31. Modern French

Forget the classic French and opt for black tips instead. Go even further and add a touch of black at the base. (Tip: Use nail templates to create the half-crescent shape.)

Get the design: Nail art templates ($10; $7); Essie black polish ($10)

32. Black Hearts

Because w ho says hearts should only be red? Outline the shape of each heart using a brush or some tape before filling them in with black polish.

Get the design: Nail art toolkit ($12; $10); OPI black polish ($11)

33. Coffin Nails

We talk a lot about what to put on your nails, but what about their shape? Coffin nails can be worn all year long, but the spookiest night of the year is a great time to dress them in all-black. First, cut the sides of your tips before filing them at an angle, while keeping the top straight (or slightly pointed depending on your preference). Here’s a quick tutorial to master the nail shape.

Get the design: Nail file ($9)

34. Halloween Mix

There’s nothing in the rulebook that says you can’t display all of your favorite things about Halloween on your nails at once. Use any of the ideas above to create a festive mix that showcases why it’s the best holiday of the year.

Get the design: Nail art toolkit ($12)

35. Starry Night

The holiday really peaks at nighttime (you know when the ghosts, ghouls and witches come out to play). First, coat your nails with a striking black polish before showing off your art skills with some clouds, stars and, of course, the moon.

Get the design: Essie white polish ($10); Essie black polish ($30)

36. Frankenstein’s Monster

Hey, you can make a creature of your own…right on your nails. It only takes two steps to bring your monster to life. Apply a green base before grabbing a striping brush to create stitches (aka short horizontal lines with vertical lines striking through them).

Get the design: Nails Inc. green polish ($15); Nails Inc. black polish ($15)

37. Tortoise Twist

Tortoise nails will always be a popular trend, so how about rocking them with a Halloween twist? First, apply a base coat before grabbing all of your go-to autumn colors (like orange, brown and yellow). Next, grab a nail brush and your first color and begin dabbing spots all over your nail. Continue that same technique using a second color (and a third and so on). Go crazy with the different hues for the spooky season (and of course, here’s a tutorial to guide you).

Get the design: Cirque Colors brown polish ($13); Cirque Colors yellow polish ($13); Cirque Colors orange polish ($13)

38. Negative Space

Leaving room for negative space completely elevates a regular black mani. Honestly, there’s no right or wrong way to do it either, just let your hand guide you to all the spots you want. Soon, you’ll be left with a chic, minimal style that’s perfectly suited for any spooky shindig.

Get the design: Olive & June black polish ($9)

39. Scarecrow Tips

There’ll be no scaring the birds with this scarecrow-inspired nail art. Grab an orange polish and paint it only on your tips. Next, grab a black polish and outline your nails, before completing the look with some vertical dashes for that “patchy” effect.

Get the design: Striping brush ($8); Essie orange polish ($10); Essie black polish ($10)

40. Yin and Yang

Get the best of both worlds with this statement style. All you’ll need is a black polish, a white polish and a nail art tool to create the curves. You can also upgrade the Yin and Yang look with a few sparkles.

Get the look: Essie black polish ($10); Paintbox white polish ($22)

41. Ghostly Frenchies

There’s the classic French and there’s this adorable ghostly edition. Feel free to swirl the brush outside the lines to create the small creature. And it wouldn’t be complete without two eyes (using your handy dotting tool) and a mouth (so they can whisper ‘boo’ to anyone walking by you).

Get the design: Wet n Wild white polish ($4)

42. Cruella Vibes

Dressing up as one of our favorite Disney villains never get old. And if you don’t have a full costume ready, this black-and-white mani gives off major Cruella vibes. Just get some nail tape, so the two striking shades shine through—much like her iconic ‘do.

Get the design: Nail tape ($10; $9); Jinsoon black polish ($18); Jinsoon white polish ($18)

43. Starbucks Treat

October truly caters to our sweet tooth. While candy is top tier, we also love a warm beverage for the spooky season, and this Starbucks-inspired look can be enjoyed long after the holiday ends. Recreate this marbled style with a nail art brush and multiple hues of brown polish. If you need a visual or more fun marbled looks to try, here’s a helpful tutorial.

Get the design: Sally Hansen brown polish ($13)

44. Crocodile Coolness

Whether you call it the crocodile or alligator style, this design is timeless and it continues to be a popular pick for Halloween. The animal print packs a statement and works with any color you choose (though black is our favorite shade to show off the textured effect).

Get the design: OPI black polish ($11)

45. Tiger Stripes

A cat costume is a foolproof choice, so why not try adding a feline-inspired nail design to complete your look? Apply an orange base coat to your nails and use a thin brush to create wavy black lines.

Get the design: Nail art brushes ($20; $10); Chanel black polish ($32)

46. Pretty in Pearls

It looks like your basic black manicure is getting an upgrade with some pearly white accents to start spooky season on a more glamourous note.

Get the design: Pearls ($12; $9)

47. Coraline

Sure, it’s one of the creepiest animated flicks ever, but you have to admit this design is pretty cool. Enter an alternate world and decorate each nail inspired by Coraline (using a thin brush for the finer details).

Get the design: Nail art brushes ($10); Essie blue polish ($11)

48. Harry Potter

Whether you’re a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, fans will enjoy this HP-themed manicure for the season. While you can try your hand at painting on the designs yourself, we also found a cute nail stamp to deck your nails with a magical touch.

Get the design: Nail stamping plate ($8)

49. Black and White Floral Tips

Black and white polish keep this floral design in season. Grab your dotting tool to anchor the center of each flower before using a thin brush to create petals along your tips.

Get the design: Nail art brushes ($5)

50. Melted Candy Corn

Into the ombré effect (see: number 25) and classic Halloween colors? Blend the two together and you’ll get this delightfully thematic design.

Get the design: Orly polish ($11)

51. Scream

To recreate this iconic design, apply a matte black base before adding red drops to the tips. Oh, and don’t forget to add the signature white mask on your ring fingers using a striping brush.

Get the design: Nail art pro kit ($8); Sally Hansen matte top coat ($13)

52. Neon Fun

It’ll be unexpected (and super cool) to add a pop of color to your black manicure. Consider electric neon colors to bring your Halloween drawings to life—just in time for the party.

Get the design: Beetles neon polish pack ($18; $16)

53. Bloody Wounds

If you’re rocking a scary costume this year, consider adding this gory manicure to your ensemble. Once you apply a base coat, use a striping brush to etch on a few bloody cuts that will surely give people a fright (and also lowkey impress them with your design skills).

Get the design: Sundays sheer nude polish ($18); Sundays red polish ($18)

54. Micro French Mani

The micro French manicure is in and October is the perfect time to dive into the trend. Grab some nail tape and lay it right at the tips of your nails before painting in the area with your black polish.

Get the design: Jinsoon black polish ($18)

55. Black Rims

Also known as the reverse French manicure, this style puts a modern twist to the classic design. You’re more than welcome to freehand the tips or you can always pick up some nail tape to guide you.

Get the design: French nail art kit ($); Lights Lacquer black polish ($11)

56. Minimalistic Eyes

Although we just recommended some bloody eyeballs (see: number 18), we also adore this simpler eyes design for when you’re looking to tone things down. The negative space, French tips and drawn out eyes give us major artsy vibes.

Get the design: Red Carpet Manicure black polish ($10)

57. Bloody Blob Nails

This 3D manicure can take your dark red polish to the next level. To get the look, apply a coat of nail polish and let it dry before laying some polygel over your nails for the dimensional effect. Have fun creating different swirls and shapes that will really bring your design to life. If you need a bit more guidance, we have you covered with this helpful tutorial.

Get the design: Lights Lacquer red polish ($11); Modelones poly nail gel kit ($40; $20)

58. Magnetic Magic

While black polish is always the star of the show this season, a purple hue can be just as bewitching. If you’re sporting a classic witch costume on October 31st, add this shimmery polish to a few of your nails for a nice contrast.

Get the design: Lights Lacquer purple polish ($13)

59. Aura Nails

Aura nails are making a comeback this season and we’re not mad about it. According to this tutorial, you should apply a base coat before using a sponge to lightly dab a second shade on. When your nails are somewhat dry, go in with another color and focus it on the center of your nails to get the glowy effect.

Get the design: Sponges ($9; $8); Beetles black polish ($10; $6); Beetles white polish ($10; $6)

60. Bats

This French manicure celebrates one of the scariest creatures during spooky season: bats. Try freehand drawing or grab a few mini stickers to decorate the tip of your nails.

Get the design: Bat stickers ($5)

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