62 dreamy nail designs to take your nail art to the next level

We’re no strangers to dreamy nail designs, but for 2023 it looks like we’re taking our manis seriously. Popularity for nail art is at an all time high, according to Google searches where “nail art ideas 2023” have become a breakout search (up by 5,000%). And, over on TikTok #nailart has accumulated over 35 billion views (!!!) thanks to us all brushing up on inspo.

Celebrities like Lizzo, Saweetie, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have all upped their mani game with truly stunning and intricate designs and nail artists are flexing their talents to the maximum with manicures that look more like works of art than a beauty appendage.

Look to the biggest 2023 nail trends and you’ll see plenty of repeats from 2022. Frenchies remain a headliner (whether you want a micro tip or something chunkier). And the glazed donut mani will continue to break hearts. But we’ll see new renditions (like the candy cane glazed donut nail) take the trend forward. Likewise press-on nails are nothing new, but they’re about to go even more mainstream with brands upping their game to provide us with designs we can swap in and out with ease.

For the maximalists, 3D designs will be everywhere, whether that’s with dinky stick-on gemstones and crystals (a huge trend for 2023) or with fully fledged works of art. We’ve seem plastic gummy bears, spirals and love hearts glued to manis to make a serious statement. And Y2K nail piercings have been given a modern makeover, so expect to start seeing a lot more of them.

Here’s some of our favourite nail designs to try…

Lizzo’s cutesy 3D heart and gemstone mani is a total mood boost. And just think of the ASMR as you clack through your DMs.

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