7 Behaviors Your Nail Tech Hates About You The Most

Another pet peeve for a lot of nail techs is when clients use their phone during appointments. Primarily, this concern stems from the fact that it is rude. Yes, they are providing a service, but they are still people. Treat your nail tech with respect, and greet them with your full attention, so that you two can begin the appointment having had the chance to clearly communicate aims. If you need to have your phone near because of a time sensitive call, let your nail tech know why it’s out and what the circumstances are.

On the topic of phones, avoid reaching into your handbag to grab it once the appointment has begun. Your nail tech does not want to see you handling things before your nails are dry, thereby risking the integrity of your manicure or pedicure. On that same note, use the restroom before your appointment so that you don’t have to interrupt your session, or bump your nails while touching anything.

If you’re tempted to reach for your phone because you just want to unwind during your nail session, you can ask for a silent appointment when you book. Many of us use nail appointments as a chance to relax and restore ourselves, so instead of reaching for your phone to chill out, just enjoy the meditative silence of the pampering session. Your nail tech will likely appreciate the heads up too, so they know they don’t have to worry about making small talk.  

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