7 Best black designer handbags to spice up your collection

For the fashion enthusiasts, the black designer handbags are the most coveted ones. The black color offers a timeless elegance while the designs from the luxury brands make them unmatchable handbags.

Every designer brand makes an array of black handbags as these are the most demanded ones. One can search for the Lady Dior bag in black while Celine crafts a lot of bags in the same color.

The buyers, however, might feel overwhelmed in finding one perfect piece of black designer handbag so the Sportskeeda team has picked some of the best handbags which are discussed below.

Lady Dior and some of the best black designer handbags for timeless fashion

1) Chanel Flap Bag

The Flap bags from Chanel can be counted as one of the best black designer handbags, exuding the elegance of leather. Chanel flap bags, one of the renowned handbags from the brand, have a quilted upper, embracing a sturdy structure.

With the flap design, this bag is embellished with golden hardware, featuring lambskin leather. The lock with the golden Chanel logo is available on the website for $5500.

2) Loewe Paseo Bag

For women who like to embrace unique fashion products, the Paseo bags from Loewe are one of the best choices. The bag appeared for the first time during the Spring Summer 2023 fashion week and slowly it became a favored handbag of fashion enthusiasts.

The unusual structure of the bag is the most enticing part where the pleat details on the front add more oneness. With a zip closure, the bag boasts a handle, and flamenco knots at the end. Its black colorway can add elegance to the wardrobe, making it another black designer handbag to collect. The bag is available in different sizes and the price begins from $2900.

3) Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder bag

Another black designer handbag comes from the Italian luxury fashion house, Prada. The Cleo bag, first seen on the 2020 runway, became a coveted designer handbag in contemporary times. Constructed with brushed leather, this bag is designed in a sleek silhouette, mirroring its signature handbag designs.

With a minimalistic addition to the hardware, the bag is constructed in leather, vouching for the bespoke craftsmanship of the luxury brand. With the smooth finishing, the bag boasts a soft upper, available at the store for $3250.

4) Louis Vuitton Alma Bag BB

One of the revered black designer handbags from the French fashion house Louis Vuitton is the Alma bag, a sturdy structured bag. The handbag features epi leather, offering a luxurious allure. This luxury bag is the amalgamation of classic and sporty features, making it a distinctive one.

With the rugged handles, the bag has a wide strap, embarking the sporty spirit. The strap features Jacquard material, having the Louis Vuitton monogram and texts, accented in dual pastel shades. This black designer bag is available at the LV store for $2370.

5) Saint Laurent Kaia Bag

The Kaia bag from Saint Laurent is another noticeable luxury designer bag, exuding elegance in black. The bag boasts a minuscule satchel structure with a flap closure. It also has an adjustable strap, making it usable as a sling bag.

Crafted in calfskin leather, the bag is designed with bronze-toned metal hardware. With a sleek and minimalistic adornment, the bag is available at the store for $1950.

6) The Lady Dior Bag

Among the black designer handbags, the Lady Dior is one of the most coveted ones. The bag with a sturdy square structure enhances sophistication while its quilted design is the brand’s hallmark.

Crafted in lambskin leather, the bag has an interior zip closure with the slinging Dior alphabet hardware. For $5200, this bag is available at the secondary retail stores.

7) Celine Claude Shoulder Bag

For people who love to carry the simple yet elegant black designer bag, the Chain shoulder bag Claude from Celine must be the one. This bag boasts a tiny structure with flap finishing. Its black calfskin leather ensures durability while its design displays futuristic elegance.

With the gold Triomphe metallic closure, this bag has the golden chain strap, available for $3200 at the store.

Apart from these bags, one can check out brands like Hermes, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and so on. However, some of the fresh pieces from these luxury brands might not be available at the stores and one can explore them at the secondary markets.

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