7 best stores to buy pre-loved luxury clothing and fashion accessories

Once upon a time, admitting that you’d snagged a pre-loved luxury handbag might have caused a few eyebrows to arch. But oh, how times have changed! In a world where the allure of luxury is as eternal as a good vintage wine, many beauty connoisseurs and fashion aficionados have found a new path to opulence that’s both eco-friendly and wallet-hugging: the enchanting realm of pre-loved luxury shopping. It’s like finding a treasure chest of high-end beauty products, fashion finds, and accessories without sending your bank account into a tailspin. The secondhand market also allows shoppers to buy something new with a lower carbon footprint. You may also find vintage pieces or limited-edition collections that are no longer available but continue to be in vogue.

So, here’s a look at top stores where you can find pre-loved luxury items—from make-up to handbags—-for your next shopping haul. 


Bodements became popular as a Mumbai-based, online vintage store. This store is on a noble quest to spread the gospel of slow fashion and responsible, ethical consumerism. These dedicated folks also stock hand-picked, upcycled clothing from around the globe; like garments with stories to tell from faraway lands. It’s like a fashion carnival for the conscious shopper, and you’re invited!


And now, let’s talk about watches! Rolex, the venerable timepiece titan, has a pre-owned programme that’s truly magical. They don’t just resell watches; they sprinkle them with stardust, certifying their authenticity and even offering a two-year warranty! When you’re wearing a second-hand Rolex, it’s like wearing a piece of horological history around your wrist, a testament to the enduring beauty of time itself.


At Saritoria, their mission is as grand as their name. They’re here to empower South Asian souls worldwide to join the global circular economy while waving the banner of their heritage, culture, and craftsmanship. They’re part of a cool, conscious community that loves giving cool desi fashion masterpieces a second life. It’s the smart way to buy, sell, and strut your stuff in style. Saritoria is your one-stop shop for embracing South Asian luxury occasion wear, and it’s as vibrant and diverse as the culture it celebrates.


Do you have an undying love for luxury bags? Rebag has got you covered. They’re the go-to experts in the realm of pre-loved luxury bags. Here, you can both buy and sell those fabulous second-hand accessories. Each piece is examined and authenticated by their team of in-house experts, who probably possess a secret handshake that only true bag aficionados can decipher!

Vestiaire Collective

Imagine an international marketplace, a bazaar of dreams, where you can discover pre-loved luxury fashion and beauty products from every corner of the world. Vestiaire Collective is that place. From rare perfumes that might have whispered secrets to vintage make-up compacts that have seen history, this platform is paradise for beauty lovers with a taste for the classics. It’s like finding a golden ticket to a world of exclusive beauty collectables, and you can trust their quality control.

Luxury Promise

Luxury Promise isn’t just an expertly curated resale marketplace; it’s a place where you can experience the thrill of live shopping auctions. It’s like a high-stakes adventure for upmarket adrenaline junkies. Imagine bidding on a rare Hermès Birkin while sipping champagne and feeling like you’re in the middle of a glamorous movie. It’s a promise of luxury fulfilled!

Shrimpton Couture

For the vintage aficionados out there, Shrimpton Couture is your ultimate playground. Cherie Balch, the founder, knows how to get your heart racing. Whether you’re a bride in search of that rare dress or a red carpet regular looking for standout gowns by Alexander McQueen, this is the place where your fashion dreams come true!

In the world of pre-loved luxury shopping, you’re not only saving money but also making a conscious choice for the environment. These stores offer a world of possibilities for beauty enthusiasts looking to elevate their collections with high-end products without compromising on quality or authenticity. By embracing pre-loved luxury, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement. You’re reducing waste and saying yes to sustainability. It’s a win-win situation. So, get ready to indulge in guilt-free beauty and fashion escapades. Happy shopping!

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