A Celebrity Makeup Artist Gives Her All-Time Best Tips (For Any Age!)

I was so excited to have her on to learn all her best makeup tips—and we certainly talked about formulas and application techniques. But first we took a refreshing detour into the case for wearing less makeup

“For the last decade we have been in a very, very heavy makeup environment with lots and lots of products. It’s overwhelming. It can make you feel less than. It makes you feel like you can’t achieve something,” she says.

The thing is that heavy, overly done, and highly contoured makeup was never made for the real world—sure it looks flawless in photos, but it often doesn’t translate to everyday life. “Even if you’re 16, it’s gonna look insane when you step outside,” she jokes. 

And of course if you enjoy using a walk-in closet worth of makeup, the more power to you. But I’d wager most people just want to get by with the basics. 

“I’m a bit punk rock in the fact that that sort of stuff drives me nuts,” she says. “I don’t think it’s fair for women to have that extra burden of not only needing thousands of dollars worth of products, but needing to feel like they need to wear 20 products at a time.” 

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