A Complete Guide to Men’s Street Style Fashion

The fashion world is always changing, and with styles and trends constantly gaining or losing popularity, it can be challenging to recognise the trends you want to try. You may want to try the latest craze or stick to timeless classics. Either way, knowing where to start is the first step to finding your signature look.

Whether you choose to stick to your favourite Santa Cruz brand or want to explore the world of thrifted fashion, navigating men’s styles can be an enjoyable and exciting adventure.

70s Chic

From big collars to flared pants and statement shirts, the 70s fashion trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Instead, it is constantly evolving, perfectly illustrating the appeal of nostalgia. This season sees the return of accessories like brow-bar glasses and trendy footwear options, including heeled boots and the iconic Adidas Samba design.

While it can be a tricky trend to perfect, the simple secret is not to overdo it. Avoid incorporating too many elements that will make you look like your unfashionable uncle, and instead, include one or two key elements that you can highlight and complement.

Wild Western Wear

To go forward in the world of fashion, you often have to look back first. And 2023 sees a revival of styles that perfectly merge functionality and toughness in the best possible way. Nothing better represents this than Western wear.

It is a style that can work for just about anyone, whether you are after an ornately stitched shirt or rugged Western boots. While the style exudes retro elements, it is still well-suited for today’s standards of casualwear.

Thrift-Shop Gems

Sustainability is a trend that will never go out of style. And as more people shift their focus to wear and how their clothes are made, and the overall effect of the fashion industry on planet Earth, the way clothes are acquired and consumed has begun to shift.

Particularly noticeable in the younger generations, the popularity of second-hand shops and thrift stores is beginning to outshine traditional retail chains. Shopping this way is not only better for the globe, but it also offers you more opportunities to forge your own unique style.

Fast-fashion retailers churn out endless designs that remain trendy for a very limited amount of time before something new takes over. Thrifting allows you to find one-off items and classic vintage pieces to build unique and electric outfits around.

The Plain White Tee

The white t-shirt was once the perfect option for an undershirt, easily layered with hoodies, jerseys or your favourite overcoat, ideal for when the temperatures begin to drop. And while many have since re-imagined this staple piece as the perfect pairing to dark jeans and leather jackets, the classic tee has been redone in significant ways in recent years.

By switching up small design details, like curved hems, rolled sleeves and the occasional breast pocket, it will be the ideal style to rock on its own.

Additionally, they now come in a wide range of different materials, from light and breathable linen for the hottest summer day to soft cotton for an elevated brunch look.

Prep 2.0

With varsity jackets, cardigans and loafers enjoying renewed popularity, it is safe to say a new wave of preppy fashion is taking over the menswear landscape. Collegiate fashion is back in a massive way, and it is a look that can be worn by anyone.

Best described as a trendy blend of streetwear and Ivy League influences, baseball caps, bomber jackets, collared polo shirts and fashion sneakers rooted in sporting history like Converse and Air Jordans will allow you to perfect this trend.

Relaxed Tailoring

Over the past decade, there was a noticeable shift in men’s suiting, with razor-sharp and slim-fit suits dominating the market. However, that trend will soon change, with a looser approach to tailoring throughout businesswear and smart casual dress codes.

While your fits will soon have more room to move, these relaxed clothes can still be perfectly tailored to the proper length, maintaining a sleek and dapper appeal. A strong replication of the old-school suits from the 40s and 50s, they are perfect for a relaxed date night or day at the office.

Military Wear

Clothing that originated in the military is nothing new in the fashion world. Chinos, bomber jackets, field jackets and the always popular combat boot were all originally designed to be part of a standard military uniform.

Each has quickly found its place in mainstream fashion throughout the years, and 2023 will be no different. Fendi and Hermes are just a few of the big fashion houses featuring military-inspired clothing in a big way, including shearling jackets and combat trousers.

Fashion experts recommend you avoid the entire tactical look and instead incorporate one or two pieces at a time, mixing and matching with wardrobe staples like the classic button-down, denim jeans and fashion sneakers.


When the pandemic took over, the corporate world experienced a shift to working from home, pushing casualwear to centre stage in both men’s and women’s fashion. From 2020 to 2022, it was the hottest fashion trend, and 2023 sees this trend continuing with ever-growing popularity.

Crewneck sweatshirts, stretch tees and stretch chino pants are firm favourites for those wanting the perfect combination of home comfort and event-appropriate outfit choices. Be sure to include your favourite fashion sneakers to dress up any slim-fit lounge set.


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