According to Her Manicure, Megan Fox’s Aura Is the Color of Cotton Candy

What color is your aura? Maybe you’ve had one of those trending aura photographs taken to see what color your energy is or perhaps you just gravitate toward certain shades. Megan Fox, a noted fan of all things mystical and magical, skipped the photography session and let her true colors show on her nails, and it turns out her aura is the exact shade of a sweet summer treat.

Fox’s manicurist Brittney Boyce gave followers a glimpse at Fox’s cotton candy aura with a pastel manicure in shades of baby blue and vivid pink. Fox’s stiletto nails were first painted with the palest blue color, so light it almost appears white, and the pink airbrushed aura almost pulsates right off her nail with a hot pink center that diffuses out to a lighter pink color on the edges. Despite the sharp pointed tips, the pastel set is delicate and pretty, especially when paired with Fox’s new hand tattoos.

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This nail art comes as no surprise for fans of Fox, who often looks to new dimensions for mani inspiration. She and Boyce experiment with futuristic chrome textures, 3D details, and touches of Barbie pink, but the most Megan-worthy mani they’ve done in recent months is definitely the Taurus season set that marked Fox’s unofficial return to Instagram after a long break. (ICYMI, Fox is an astrology expert.)

Fox isn’t the only celeb showing off her energy with an aura mani; it’s one of summer 2023’s biggest manicure trends. Megan Thee Stallion wore a baby pink lipstick-shaped set on vacation, while Vanessa Hudgens rocked a more neutral take on the trend with a nude and neon yellow mani. Glazed aura nails also caught on, incorporating the ever-trendy glazed, frosted finish alongside an airbrushed aura. Though we’re rapidly approaching fall and its dark, vampy shades, Fox’s manicure feels like a trip to a beachside carnival, fluffy cotton candy in hand. Summer’s not over yet!

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