All we want for Christmas is pearl winter nails

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How to do pearl winter nails from home in 3 steps?

You can opt to choose a muted palette of whites and silvers to channel that pristine purity of snow, or you can play around with the iridescent nail polish tones. Try also experimenting with soft pastels to evoke those silent hues of a winter sunset.

Step 1:

For a flawless pearl winter nail look, firstly gather your tools and products and make sure you’re starting from a well prepped blank canvas. “I always suggest care before beauty so recommend starting any manicure with a base coat, no matter the colour or style, this is the most important step to a long-lasting, sleek look. Our Mavala 002 Base Coat, £17.50, Look Fantastic is a cult classic that perfectly preps the nail bed for a manicure.” says Lynn.

Jessica Rejuvenation Basecoat For Dry Nails

Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat

Step 2:

“Next, for this particular look, I would apply a sleek coat of the Mavala 324 Iceberg, £5.56, Care To Beauty from the new Les Glaces collection. A gorgeous shade that can be used to create a sheer, more natural manicure, or layered to create a more pearlescent look that beautifully catches the light.” Lynn adds. The trick here is to not take too long so the colour so that you can use a dotting tool to contour that pearly look, by creating a swirling motion while the polish is still wet.”

You can also opt to do pearl winter french tips by only applying the glaze or pearlescent shade on the tips of your nails. Alternate between the two nail to nail for a fun-finish.

Mavala 324 Iceberg

essie Nail Polish – 4 Pearly White Shimmer

Step 3:

Once you’ve let the swirls dry out completely, then “finish the look off with a topcoat, to not only help to prolong the life of your nails but also to prevent chipping.” Lynn adds.

Any top coat will do but Lynn recommends the Mava-Dry, which promises to give you that clean and finished look.

Mavala Mavadry – Nail Polish Dryer

CND Long Wear Top Coat Gel-like Effect

We cannot wait to see your finished looks…

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