AMIRI Pays Tribute to the Golden Age of 90s Era Hip-Hop in New Autumn-Winter 2023 Icon Campaign

In a tribute to the golden era of 90s hip-hop, AMIRI’s Autumn-Winter 2023 Icon campaign celebrates the iconic Brooklyn music duo Black Star: Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli.

Authentic Inspiration: Mike Amiri’s Vision Comes to Life

Conceived by Founder and Creative Director Mike Amiri, captured by the iconic fashion photographer, Karim Sadli, and artfully styled by Ellie Grace Cumming, the campaign artfully weaves a narrative that bridges the worlds of music production and fashion. Drawing from the gritty beats of 90s hip-hop that shaped Mike Amiri’s formative years in LA, the campaign captures the spirit of the era and melds it with contemporary design.

Showcasing the AMIRI Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection

The campaign is a canvas for the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, characterized by its fluid tailoring, bold silhouettes, and mixing of 50s and 90s Americana. Rooted in AMIRI’s deep affinity for music as cultural expression, the campaign reflects Black Star’s knack for redefining conventional techniques. Just as the duo revolutionized classic rap with a modern flow, the collection’s intricate designs and unique cuts redefine contemporary fashion.

Black Star’s Influence on Style

Embodying relaxed sophistication, the duo effortlessly channels Black Star’s iconic style. From the soft vegan leather dropped shoulder car coat to the double-breasted brushed wool overcoat with an iconic collar, the outerwear pieces celebrate craftsmanship and comfort. Paired with layered sleeve dress shirts, mixed-media knitwear, and mohair argyle cardigans, these looks are a spin on the timeless 90s classics. The signature headwear – the classic driver hat and the iconic paperboy cap – stand as American symbols not only of the collection but also of the cultural eras that inspired it.

Black Star’s Impact on Music and Society

Black Star famously pioneered the ‘conscious rap’ movement, combining self-expression with intellectual depth. Their 1998 masterpiece “Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star” remains a pivotal work in hip-hop, unapologetically addressing societal issues with unparalleled finesse. In a testament to their enduring artistry, the duo’s 2022 sophomore album “No Fear of Time” reiterates the permanent relevance of their craft.

Soundtracking the Campaign

Complementing the visual campaign is an enthralling video featuring Black Star’s tracks “Yonders” and “The Main Thing is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing.” This dynamic synergy between music and fashion further underscores the connection between AMIRI’s aesthetic and Black Star’s musical ingenuity.

AMIRI’s Icon campaign for Autumn-Winter 2023 is an impactful homage to the interplay of fashion and music. With a focus on innovation, the campaign delivers a compelling message celebrating cultural heroes through the artful vision of AMIRI.

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