Anna: Bharani arranges for the wedding ceremony

In a recent episode of the serial Anna, Shanmugam and Kani become suspicious of Bharani’s actions and arrangements for the wedding. They notice that Bharani is going to great lengths to ensure everything goes smoothly for the wedding. Meanwhile, Selvam, the son of the pottery shop owner, also notices Bharani’s efforts and is surprised by them.

Bharani visit the tailor’s shop
Bharani, Bhakiyam, and Sivabalanvisit the tailor’s shop to get a jacket sewn for the wedding.

Shortly after, Shanmugam and Kani also arrive at the same tailor shop. Bharani, Bhakiyam, and Sivabalan leave while Kani talks toIsaki on the phone. The tailor, questions how he can sew a jacket without any measurements. Soundarabandi, who is present at the shop, notices Bharani’s saree and asks who gave it to him. The girl replies that Bharani gave it to her.
Shanmugam observes Bharani actions
Shanmugam observes all of this from a distance and gets suspicious. Later on, Shanmugam and Kani go in a cart to buy vegetables. Shanmugam, who is driving the cart, stops Shanmugam by pretending that Kani needs to go to the shop.
The fake cops arrive at Shanmugam’s house
Meanwhile, Muthupandi transforms two raiders into police baddies and shows them Ratna’s photo. He claims that he is married to Ratna and instructs them to carry her when he says so. Muthupandi then replaces the guards at Shanmugam’s house with these fake police baddies.

On the other hand, Shanmugam and Kani return home, Shanmugam gets suspicious and tells them that Muthupandi asked the guards to be on guard and inquire about their new arrival. Finally, Selvam, the son of the pottery shop owner, observes Parani’s arrangements for everyone to come down to the hall. He is surprised by Parani’s dedication to ensuring that all the wedding preparations go smoothly.

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