Are we getting a Hailey Bieber makeup line? The Rhode founder seems to be hinting at some ‘strawberry girl’ staples

After skincare brand, Rhode Skin, launched in June 2022, is there now a Hailey Bieber makeup line on the way? The glazed donut nail trendsetter is certainly dropping hints at something in the works…

Allow us to turn your attention to Hailey Bieber’s ‘Strawberry girl’ makeup look from Sunday, August 6, 2023, when the model shared a TikTok tutorial on recreating her rosy vibe. In the video, she teased two multipurpose cream blushes, which she applied to both her cheeks and lips, creating that perfect berry flush. Hails then said she couldn’t share where these blushes were from yet but added, “wink, wink”—she’s got us right where she wants us.


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

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And, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these mysterious blush-boosters in recent weeks. So, naturally, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to do some serious sleuthing into the Hailey Bieber makeup case…

Is there a Hailey Bieber makeup line incoming?

It indeed seems so, or at least a new makeup product is coming, though Hailey is yet to officially confirm anything yet. We first caught wind of a secret creme blush/ lip product back in May 2023 during another one of her TikTok videos—with one eagled eye fan commenting: “Is that a new product in Rhode, is that a blush?”


a quick Sunday get ready. 🤍

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It’s unclear whether these dreamy blushes are joining the Rhode family, or whether Hailey is gearing up to launch something entirely new—or maybe it’s a collaboration with another brand.

Rhode Skin currently offers four capsule skincare products, including an essence, a peptide moisturizer, her famous glazing fluid and her peptide lip treatment (which comes in four flavors). So there’s definitely room for a blush and lip duo…perhaps Hailey is planning to expand the brand to also cover makeup—’Rhode Makeup’ definitely has a nice ring to it.

Alas, it seems we will have to wait and see, but that doesn’t stop us from shopping a few of Hailey’s other fave blush and lip tints.

Shop Hailey’s fave blush and lip tints

We’ve spied these two products from Milk and Tower28 making numerous appearances on Hailey’s TikTok feed, with the model opting for rose of bright pink shades, for that summery, ‘strawberry’ glow.

She’s also a lover of more natural, ‘lived-in’ makeup, so a product that gives both your lips and cheeks a soft hint of color, is definitely a win for Hailey.  We recommend pairing these blushes over a glow filter, like e.l.f’s Halo Glow (with its skin-loving squalane formula) and the best non-comedogenic foundations, so your skin will look great but also feel great.

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