Artist on the move: A citizens’ music label and clothing brand is riding waves

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – There is an underground music scene throughout the Mvskoke Reservation and the state that is being invaded by a Mvskoke rap group built under the self-made label, 400 Waves.

The label consists of Mason McClellan (Frisco Zane), HV (Dillion Rudd), and MadMatt (Matthew Tabbytite). McClellan is the Chief Executive Officer of the label.

“400 is the block we grew up on,” McClellan said about the label name. “Waves come from, we don’t ever try to steal or ride anyone’s wave, we make our own waves.”

With the opening of New Prosper Studios the group has been dropping music individually and as a group. They serve the rap and hip hop industry a taste of Mvskoke culture in their work.

Recently McClellan dropped a new single, “Karma” on July 18. It was produced by HV. McClellan and HV will also drop a new album on Aug. 30. It will feature multiple artists that are Native American and non Native.

McClellan calls the collaborative group a team, referring to Rudd and Tabbytite as his brothers and partners.

“Me and my brothers came up with the name,” McClellan said.,“We have been investing in ourselves, with merchandise and our studio, New Prosper Studios.”

McClellan claims his major role is promotion, it is a role he has been in for over three years now. Promotion includes booking shows, a clothing line, the recording studio, collaborating with other local artists and much more.

“I’m a Native artist who helps not just Native artists but all artists,” McClellan said.

As long as McClellan can see the passion for music within the artist, he will work with them.

“Not everybody has the same passion for it as I do,” McClellan said. “So I can’t just hop on a song with just anybody.”

Now McClellan claims many of his bookings are requested from 21 and over clubs from Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Tulsa, and the Muskogee area. He tries to perform at shows at least once a month, if not twice.

“I have done over 20 shows and even opened up for big name artists such as Gorilla Zoe , Mr. Pookie and the Murphy Lee,” McClellan said.

McClellan claims the clothing line has taken off globally. Packages of 400 Waves merchandise have been sent as far as South Africa.

McClellan and his brothers feel a lot of support from the local community. All three grew up in Okmulgee, and have made it through rough childhoods as reservation kids growing up in single parent homes, some affected by drugs and alcohol.

So far the journey has been good, McClellan claims. “It has been fun, not all fun, I mean definitely hard work and a lot of late nights working.”

Most of this part of his life is done outside of his daily job. According to McClellan, his most important role is being a father.

“I know how it is to be a single dad,” McClellan said. “My daughter is my biggest supporter and my biggest motivation.”

At just four years old, McClellan’s daughter has already taken an interest in her father’s artistic career by asking him questions and giving him words of encouragement.

McClellan also takes time to give back to the community during holiday celebrations like Halloween, dedicating time and money to hand out candy.

The best place to follow McClellan for updates on shows, music drops and inquiries is his Facebook page, Mason McClellan. The other group members can also be found on Facebook at Hv Hv Hv, and Matthew Hawk Tabbytite.

For those interested in listening to the group’s work they can find music from the three artists on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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