Asian Doll Reveals Mariahlynn Was Hospitalized After Their Fight On “Baddies Caribbean”

The women of Baddies are certainly no strangers to conflict, but recently, one altercation between Asian Doll and Mariahlynn went entirely too far. According to the former, Mariahlynn was left with a black eye as a result of the scuffle. She even had to go to the hospital for her injuries. During a recent Instagram Live, she discussed the debacle, appearing proud of herself. Clearly, her addition to the cast will make for no dull moments.

It remains unclear exactly what prompted the fight. Social media users suspect, however, that it could have been Mariahlynn discussing Asian Doll’s business online. Apparently, the two of them have had issues for years. When it was announced that Asian Doll would be on Baddies Caribbean, Mariahlynn was vocal about it in the comments. From there, users think that it was “on sight” when the women ran into each other on set.

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Asian Doll Speaks On Her Fight With Mariahlynn

This is far from the first time Mariahlynn was left injured after a fight, however. Last month, the personality was left bloody after things took a turn for the worse on the Baddies East cast’s trip to Jamaica. Tension had been brewing between her and the duo of Sukihana and Sapphire, and it all came to a head during a day at the river. Amid the fallout from the controversial altercation, Mariahlynn accused them of wrongdoing her, as she believes Sukihana distracted her so Sapphire could sneak up and strike her.

While some commenters are blaming Mariahlynn for continuing to get involved in beef, others think her fellow castmates ought to give her a break, as fights typically don’t end well for her. What do you think of all of the drama on Baddies Carribean? What about Mariahlynn needing to be hospitalized? Has the cast gone too far? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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