Aubergine nails are proving the unexpected manicure of the summer—here’s all the inspiration you need

Purple nails definitely weren’t on my nail trend bingo card for 2024, let alone my summer nail trend bingo card—but the joy of some of this year’s more out-there manicures lies in the unexpected. From Hailey Bieber’s glow in the dark festival nails to the flower-adorned blossom manicures that have been springing up all over my Instagram feeds, it turns out that there’s more to this year’s most popular nail looks than ‘boring manicures’ and subtle shades. And the latest look to catch my attention is aubergine nails.

What are aubergine nails?

Capturing the same rich, dark purple shade of the aubergine fruit (or eggplant if you’re stateside), aubergine nails are the next iteration of the purple nail trend that we’ve seen growing over the last year or so. But while it was all about lavender chromes and hazy lilacs back in spring, the aubergine manicure is a bolder and brighter take on the colour palette for summer.

“Aubergine nails can really vary in tone from a super dark, almost black, shade to a slightly lighter and more vibrant shade of purple,” explains session manicurist Ami Streets. “Opulent, deep hues like aubergine are such a sophisticated nail look and always remain highly requested as a suits-all statement shade that works all year round.”

How to wear the aubergine nail trend?

While a block-colour glossy manicure works particularly well with the richness of aubergine nails, the colour also lends itself well to nail art if that’s your thing. “Aubergine is perfect for negative space nail art as a contrast to a natural mani base,” explains Ami. “I love aubergine as a French tip or for abstract lines and geometric patterns.”

The deepness of the shade means that it also lends itself to the pearlescent and chrome textures that are also proving popular for summer 2024. “Aubergine works particularly well with metallics,” says Ami. “Silver, yellow or rose gold chromes look super striking and opulent as artistic accents against this strong shade.”

Aubergine nail inspiration

Ultra-shiny and perfectly executed, when aubergine nails look this good I have no doubt that everyone is going to be requesting them at their next salon appointment.

Turns out, aubergine nails look just as good in a matte finish as they do in a shiny one. So chic.

Not sure about wearing such a deep colour all over your nails? Aubergine lends itself well to a French tip too.

The classic rounded tip and expertly groomed cuticles mean that this aubergine manicure looks totally timeless.

A chrome aubergine manicure was the nail look that I didn’t know I needed until just now.

This slightly brighter iteration of aubergine will be a hit for summer.

The combination of sheer purple centre and aubergine waves lends an abstract feel to this fun nail art look.

Dark nails don’t have to feel moody, look how this aubergine manicure captures the light with its high gloss finish.

Recreate aubergine nails at home

To get that high-shine, ultra-opaque finish then we’d recommend applying at least two thin layers of polish at home to recreate your own aubergine nails. Below are some of the best nail polish shades to get aubergine nails as recommended by us and Ami.

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