Aura Nails Aren’t Going Anywhere For Fall 2023 – How To Get In On The Trend

The aura manicure can easily be achieved at home. One popular method involves using a blooming gel, a gel base coat that allows color to blend out across the nail without smearing. The color is applied on top of the coat blooming gel while it is still wet, and almost magically, it spreads out across the nail and reveals an aura-like glow. With this method, it helps to use a dotting tool to apply the color with precision. If you don’t have a blooming gel at home, you can also use a makeup sponge to create a similar effect to the aura design. The sponge allows you to easily apply the color and helps to give an ombré effect. 

No matter which method you choose, it’s best to start any manicure with a base coat to protect your nails and help the polish adhere better. Then, of course, you’ll need your polish colors. You can use gel or regular polish for your background color, but just remember that when using gel nail polish, you need to cure it with UV or LED light so it can harden and dry. You’ll also want to use a top coat to preserve your gorgeous nails after you’ve finished painting. Once you have all your tools, you’re ready to get started.

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