Ayo Edebiri put 3D iridescent nail art on her short, natural nails

Ayo Edebiri is lending her vocal talents to the new Inside Out 2, playing the role of Envy in the Pixar film, and I’m feeling very envious of her premiere manicure.

Ayo Edebiri walked the red carpet wearing a manicure that incorporated several eye-catching nail art elements, like iridescent rainbow colours that shifted as they caught the light and 3D teardrops applied to the centre or tip of each nail.

Michael Buckner

Manicurist Eri Ishizu wanted to create “fun 3D airy nails” for the star and used Aprés Nail products to create the look on Ayo’s natural short nails.

Eri started by swirling together the shades Morning Sighs, In the Navy, and Royal Stamp with a clear base for a marbled effect, then applied a gel topcoat.

After the nails cured, Eri applied an iridescent powder and moulded the 3D droplets with the brand’s Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat.

Aprés Nail products are only available in the US but good alternative shades for a DIY marbled manicure include Manucurist Milk White Nail Polish, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in 127 Fugueuse, a deep navy, Essie Nail Colour in Shearling Darling and Beauty Pie Wonderlayer Diamond Powder Base Coat.

The final result was the kind of manicure you want to stare at for hours to absorb every tiny detail, but it also felt soft thanks to the delicate pale indigo, pink, and golden tones, short nails, and subtle gleam from the shimmering, iridescent powder.

As Eri shared, the overall vibe is definitely fun and airy, perfect for the summer weather. A green manicure would have been expected, given Ayo’s character, but this is fresh, surprising, and chic. What’s that you’re feeling? Could it be … envy?

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