“Baddies Caribbean” Auditions Result In Chaos & Ambulance Assistance

The Baddies Caribbean auditions went about as well as one would expect from a wild and high-octane Zeus Network reality television show. Moreover, a new promo clip emerged online of how fans and hopeful case members reacted to the arrival of the auditions’ three judges: Natalie Nunn, Shenseea, and Spice. For folks looking to get into this reality series now with this new spinoff, maybe they can check out the recent Baddies East reunion for a sneak peek. But this new program indicates plenty of signs, like Nunn pouring a bottle of liquor down someone in line’s throat, that these ladies love to have fun.

However, things were just as hectic, chaotic, and combative as the Baddies shows tend to be by default. For example, a fight broke out among those waiting for their audition in line, and it roped in a lot of other passerby before security stepped in to cool things down. In addition, someone called an ambulance for a woman who apparently passed out after intoxication, although this is unconfirmed at press time. As for the auditions themselves, social media reacted pretty fervently to all the antics that ensued during them.

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Baddies Caribbean Auditions Were As Wild As You’d Think: Watch

Unfortunately for everyone involved in the Baddies crew, there’s a bit more bad press going on around the show than usual. Still, this isn’t exactly because of one of the cast members, but because of a debated controversy that she is a part of. Tee Kissen of Baddies East accused Los Angeles Lakers player Christian Wood of abusive threats and behavior in his relationship with her friend, the mother of his child. It’s still unclear exactly what happened here, and it remains a hot topic on social media.

Meanwhile, Natalie Nunn is also dealing with some drama after Fivio Foreign claimed that she’s cheating. No matter where you look, there’s always something of note going on with this franchise, for better or worse. Let’s see how this new spinoff will add to the canon. On that note, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and more updates on Baddies.

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