“Baddies East” River Fight Leaves Bloody-Eyed Mariahlynn Heated

Baddies East doesn’t just show viewers fights in houses, clubs, and resorts, but also out in the wild. Moreover, the cast members recently went on a river trip, presumably still during their trip to Jamaica, and things got heated quick. We already knew that there was a lot of beef brewing between Mariahlynn and the tag team of Sukihana and Sapphire, who still had some bumps on the road. In the newest episode preview for this week’s installment airing tonight (Sunday, February 4 at 8PM EST on the Zeus Network), we saw how these three had a fight at the river, leaving Mariah with a bloody eye.

Furthermore, we also see the immediate fallout of the incident, with both sides taunting and blasting each other. Mariahlynn believes that they wrongfully duped her by making Sukihana distract her while Sapphire snuck up and struck her. Even though fans are always down to see these feuds play out, nothing can last forever, and these ladies might see a replacement down the line. In fact, Natalie Nunn recently expressed desires to get Rose Blanchard on Baddies and denied any tension between them.

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New Baddies East Episode Preview: Watch

Elswehere, though, the Baddies East team and that of its sibling shows receives plenty of drama for reasons unrelated to episode storylines. For example, Stunna Girl recently accused the Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer of sleeping with cast members, claims that he quickly clapped back against. With so much of these series focusing on drama, conflict, and scandalous content, it’s no surprise that it leaks into the behind-the-scenes discussions. Hopefully folks dive into the rumor mill regardless to determine what’s going on and whether there’s any damaging wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, this new episode’s antics might not compare in many’s eyes to that of arguably the franchise’s most notable former star. Chrisean Rock is as dominant in the headlines as ever for her volatile relationships and family life. Perhaps future episodes will feature a comeback, as unlikely as it is right now. Nevertheless, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Baddies East.

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