Bhang Bust: High Times Turn Sour For Mahakal City Booty Buffs!

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): In a quirky twist the temple town of Ujjain experienced a different kind of ‘high’ on the first day of the fiscal year as bhang shops kept their shutters down. Yes, no green goodies for the cannabis connoisseurs.

The absence of bhang left habitual consumers in a lurch, resorting to doctors for treatment, while out-of-town devotees searched high and low for their ‘prasad’ fix after darshan of Mahakaleshwar.

Ujjain, known for its devout devotion and, err, ahem, recreational pursuits, witnessed a surge in demand post the establishment of ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’. With an estimated 5,000 locals indulging daily and 7,000 to 8,000 outsiders joining the party, you can imagine the buzz!

Now, on to the business side of things! Last fiscal’s bhang boss, Dhananjay Upadhyay, went absconding post a brush with the law, leaving Varun Juneja to pick up the green gauntlet for a cool Rs 2.16 crore. But alas! Monday became a case of highs and lows as the new contractor failed to kick-start operations, leaving the bhang brigade high and dry.

There are 10 cannabis shops in the district, including six in city. Crowd of bhang-addicts are often found hanging around these shops from early morning till late night. The average bhang consumption is city is pegged around 50-60-kg

No wonder, desperate addicts scrambled to private clinics, seeking alternative remedies. Some even contemplated popping pills for their greens’ fix. Talk about innovation in crisis!

It is learnt that when the demand was not fulfilled, many addicts headed to clinics of private doctors for alternative solutions. Many people were also seen consulting doctors to ask about medicines and pills for treatment in absence of cannabis. According to Ketan Maheshwari, the operator of the city’s oldest bhaang shop at Chhatri Chowk, “The daughter-in-law of an acquaintance called me in the evening and said that his health was deteriorating and if I could arrange for some bhaang, but I had to refuse her.”

And in a classic twist of fate, it seems the new contractor might have to cozy up with old shopkeepers or face hefty fines for the delay. Let’s hope they sort it out soon; after all, the city’s average bhang consumption ain’t no joke!

While some may debate bhang’s divine association, one thing’s for sure: the streets around Mahakaleshwar temple boast more bhang shops than your average corner store!

So, folks, stay tuned for more twists and turns in this ‘highly’ entertaining saga from Mahakal City! Until next time, keep it quirky and keep it green!

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