Birkin Baby: All The Luxury Handbags In Five-Year-Old Kulture Kiari’s Collection

Birkin Baby: All The Luxury Handbags In Five-Year-Old Kulture Kiari’s Collection

On July 10, Cardi B and rapper Offset, our May/June 2022 cover stars, celebrated the fifth birthday of their beautiful daughter, Kulture Kiara Cephus. The day’s festivities were just the start for what will be a more extravagant celebration for the little one over the weekend, but it was still quite the party. Kulture, dressed as a ballerina, was greeted by Queen Poppy of Trolls fame and had a “light lil turnup” splashed in pink. During her big day, we couldn’t help but notice that the soon-to-be kindergartener celebrated with a very special accessory: a bright pink Birkin bag.

This isn’t the first luxury bag that Cardi and Offset have gifted their daughter, nor is it her first Birkin. Like her famous mother, Kulture has acquired quite the designer bag collection in just a few years (some we are assuming have been gifted by the houses), many she’s stepped out with when hanging with her family. And before you question what a child needs with designer bags, it’s important to note that many designer bags are an investment, with Birkins, in particular, said to have an average value retention of 96 percent, making them worth more on the resale market. So if baby girl grows up and decides she wants to sell her collection, she could walk away with a pretty penny. And the collection is growing! Check out a few of the chic bags she she’s had on her arm so far.

The Hourglass

Dressed in head-to-toe Balenciaga, the celeb kid was photographed in 2022 wearing a small version of the fashion house’s Hourglass bag in the crocodile print. Her bag is much smaller, but the regular version of this one, which is on a chain, can cost $1,750.

She also has sported the bigger pink Hourglass in an embossed croc print. A classic black one in the XS size costs around $2,800.

Supreme Ranch Belt Bag

When she was just a wee 1-year-old, Kulture was spotted wearing a Gucci Supreme Ranch children’s belt bag, which at the time, retailed for around $450.


While many assumed this was a new purchase for her 5th birthday, Kulture’s coveted pink Hermes Birkin, which now retails for around $20,000 and up, was first spotted on her little arm back in 2020 when she was two.


Kulture has had few Chanel bags, including a white flap bag that reportedly cost $5,000, which she toted in one of her mom’s Instagram Stories in 2021. She also has this red zip around bag, which impressed her a lot less than her favorite toothbrushes.

Palm Springs Backpack

In 2020, the cutie posed with her Louis Vuitton backpack, which at the time was available for about $2,000. Prior to wearing the trendy piece, she was gifted a special Louis Vuitton “Vivienne” music box from her mom’s friend and collaborator, Megan Thee Stallion, which retails for $3,650.

Lady Bag

In 2021, the little fashionista was photographed by her mom in a chic ensemble, topped off with her mini Lady bag from Dior, which these days, retails for $5,500.

Le Cagole Heart Mini Bag

Of all the fashion houses, it seems Kulture is the biggest fan of Balenciaga bags. She was recently photographed, along with big sister Kalea, wearing Balenciaga’s popular Le Cagole heart mini bag in white. Made with lambskin, it retails for $1,590.

The Ville

Another Balenciaga bag she’s carried is the Ville style, hers in a red python. Because it was a unique printed style, it likely went for much more than the $1,890 that the XXS style comes in when bought in black.

Custom Birkin

The little one also has a customized Birkin, which is adorned with a rainbow covered in rhinestones. We can’t even begin to properly estimate how much this blinged out Birkin cost her parents, but we have a feeling it will be one she keeps in her collection for a very long time.

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