BLOOM by Urbanic – High Street Fashion and Shopping?

New Delhi: Urbanic, a women’s clothing brand, aims to capture the affordable premium clothing market and has launched a fashion film called “BLOOM” as part of its rebranding campaign under the hashtag #UR.

In addition to the fresh visual identity, the brand has introduced a new website and app, along with eagerly anticipated summer styles. Established in 2019, the native e-commerce brand emphasizes that this rebranding effort goes beyond a mere makeover; it invites its followers to infuse their own unique style, fostering creativity, enjoyment, and personal flair.

Authenticity is of paramount importance to Urbanic; the brand is committed to maintaining its core values while encouraging others to do the same. Urbanic stands for being “Naturally Charming,” creating a platform where individuals can confidently embrace their distinctiveness and innate charm.

Rahul Dayama, Head of Marketing at Urbanic India, affirms, “At Urbanic, fashion should empower you to shape your narrative and showcase your inherent charm. Our fresh identity centres on creativity and inclusivity. While it’s more refined, it remains true to our deeply rooted original values.”

James Wellwood, founding partner at Urbanic, adds, “We are thrilled to reveal a new brand identity that aligns with our true philosophy and core principles. It signifies a progressive evolution that embodies a broader purpose.”

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