Blueberry Milk Nails Are The Sweetest Manicure Trend Of The Moment

Just because this look seems straightforward doesn’t mean you can be sloppy with it. As with any milk bath-based manicure, there’s less room for imperfections to hide when you’re sporting solid yet light-colored nails. Nail artist Hayley Imbler (@mysticsnakenails on Instagram) captioned her post that featured the blueberry milk look with an explanation that her manicures run a bit long because of the attention she gives to cuticle and nail-bed prep. “I want to take the focus away from just art and put it on the cuticle work and application,” she wrote. “Art is the cherry on top that looks 1000% better when it’s on top of a good foundation!”

Follow her suit by doing proper nail prep. Aside from pushing back your cuticles gently and using your cuticle pusher to remove dead skin cells, Nail Craft also advised keeping your hands dry at least an hour before your manicure — that includes lotions, oils, and other kinds of moisturizers. “Any moisture in your nail beds will cause the polish or dip to lift from the nail,” the website explained. They also suggested using a dehydrator after filing, shaping, and buffing your nails to ensure their total dryness. Make your own by combining rubbing alcohol with acetone. “This final cleansing ensures the surface is clean of any oils and will act like a glue to help your nail product adhere.”

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