Blueface Argues With Woman Who Prefers Chrisean Rock Over Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface is riding hard for his new boo, his first baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, whether that’s online or in person. For example, he recently showed off her new booty on social media and said the $30K BBL investment was the best 30 grand he’s ever spent. Sure, the rapper caught a lot of flack and clowning for that, but he sticks by his partner no matter what. Well, that is until they start having issues, as his previous volatile fling with Chrisean Rock proved. Even though both relationships were (and are) far from the healthiest, people are still a fan of the California native and the “Baddies” star, for better or worse.

While partying in Miami, a female fan made that very clear when she got into an argument with him over his choice of partners. While Blueface said that he does love Chrisean Rock, he stuck by his decision to be in a relationship with Jaidyn Alexis and blasted the woman’s opinion that Chrisean is better. “That’s how I know her p***y dry,” the “BDD” MC told his colleagues in a low blow to the woman. They kept arguing so much that he even apparently asked security to remove her from the gathering.

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Blueface Confronts Chrisean Rock Fan Who Wants Him To Dump Jaidyn Alexis

Furthermore, it’s clear that this is a bit of a sensitive topic for Blueface, and that he won’t escape that history anywhere. That’s not going to get any easier in the future, considering that he and Chrisean Rock are expecting a child that’s reportedly “days away” as of writing this article. The 27-year-old’s treatment of Chrisean over the course of their relationship drew a lot of criticism and outrage from fans and casual users who came across it on social media alike. Though fans like her for her outspoken personality and antics, maybe it’s best to just keep them apart.

Still, there’s always the chance that things will flip back to a more loving relationship. After all, it’s pretty much their bread and butter: they say or do something wild, they fight, and then they make up. For the sake of their child, hopefully whatever relationship status they hold brings the drama down. On that note, for more news on Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Jaidyn Alexis, stay logged into HNHH.

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