Blueface Sings Chrisean Rock’s Song To Her For Comfort On “Crazy In Love”

Through the Zeus Network reality TV show “Crazy In Love,” audiences have seen Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s complicated relationship in all its highs and lows. Sometimes, the pregnant “Baddies” star twerks on her boo, and other times, she gets sad and in her feelings. When you’re dating someone as volatile, outspoken, and playful as the California rapper, though, those moments don’t last long. Sure, sometimes the emotion that replaces that is more angry than it is happy, but this time it leaned positive. Moreover, on this week’s new episode, Blue and his friend MK actually try to cheer Chrisean up ahead of a performance.

In the clip, the two ask Chrisean Rock what’s wrong, as she seems dejected and has a frown on her face in the apartment. Apparently, she had a show to look forward to, but wasn’t really feeling that excitement in the moment. Then, Blueface and MK remark that they “thought it was a vibe all the time,” referring to her single “vibe.” In fact, they started to sing the song to her word for word to say that she’ll be fine and that it’s no big deal, but Chrisean didn’t budge.

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Blueface Singing “Vibe” To Cheer Chrisean Rock Up

Of course, that happened a long time ago, and we’re only just now seeing these moments air on television. However, fans and audiences also have plenty to keep up with right now, because as of writing this article, Chrisean Rock is in labor with the “BDD” MC’s kid. Hopefully everything goes swimmingly for her during this process and she gets her healthy and happy bundle of joy. Despite her relationship with Blueface still being quite rocky, fans wish that this will prompt a less toxic bond moving forward. Considering their history, it might be a big gamble, but they’ve also never really had a child in the world to change their perspective on (and treatment of) each other.

Meanwhile, we’re sure that the rest of “Crazy In Love” will yield more wild, sad, and wholesome moments. After all, they’re a couple of extremes, and their saga captivated too many people to let up soon. Still, maybe putting a brake on the viral side of things will prompt a healthier and more loving pairing as friends, coparents, or whatever they choose. With that in mind, for the latest news and updates on Blueface and Chrisean Rock, check back in with HNHH.

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