Blueface’s Mom Posts Booty Pic By ‘Accident’

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Karlissa Saffold Blueface mom Instagram butt booty photo Jaidyn BBL

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Blueface and his two siblings were not amused by the photo their mama, Karlissa Saffold, “accidentally” posted of her bare butt on the internet. 

On Oct. 15, the 51-year-old mother of three claimed that she accidentally posted the explicit photo on her Instagram Stories instead of sending it only to her husband. The snapshot showed Karlissa sticking her tongue out and poking her backside while her pants were down. The mirror behind her reflected the image of her booty for the snapshot. 

In another post on her Stories, the mother of three emphasized that she didn’t moon the internet “for clout.”

“That was an accident I sent to my husband 😭😭😭,” she wrote before adding, “Y’all ain’t worth my ass for clout.”

Blueface was grossed out by seeing his mother’s nude clappas floating around on the internet. He tweeted, “Eww loll” and “Old lady booty cheeks 😂🤢.”

The “Thotiana” rapper and his mom got into an awkward back and forth when Karlissa responded to her son by calling out the bogus BBL that his longtime on-again, off-again lover Jaidyn Alexis has. The bold matriarch screenshotted one of her son’s tweets and reposted it on her Instagram Stories with shots fired at Jaidyn. The 51-year-old baddie claimed her butt looked better than the BBL Jaidyn has — which she said Blueface spent his life savings on. She is also the mother of two of Karlissa’s grandkids. 

Later in the day, Blueface seemingly responded to the shot Karlissa took at his girlfriend with a relevant point. 

The mother of three seemingly continued to taunt her rapper-son and his girlfriend over the latter’s BBL on her Instagram Stories Oct. 16.

Karlissa Saffold Blueface mom Instagram butt booty photo Jaidyn BBL

Source: Courtesy of / Karlissa’s Instagram

Karlissa’s other two kids weren’t feeling her booty-baring post either. 

The 51-year-old woman’s eldest son, Andre Harvey, said he wasn’t even surprised by his mother’s NSFW antics.

“When I think I can’t be surprised because [she’s] gone so high up — like at least she’s got to be done because you can’t do shit crazier than the last shit you did. Somehow, she found a way to make my jaw drop again. I don’t know that lady.”

Karlissa’s daughter, Kali Miller, seemed less pressed about her mother’s butt being plastered on the internet. She essentially told her mama to get a grip.

“We know better. We need to put our reading glasses on and we need to make sure, Mom. Because now, [anytime I go somewhere], they’re going to be like, ‘Did you see your mom’s ass on the internet?’… It just don’t stop.”

Karlissa posted a photo Oct. 16 of herself and her children with the caption, “I gave them a head start. No one gave you shit.”
See the *censored* picture of her butt and the more of the receipts below.


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