Bobbi Brown Shares Her Favorite ‘New, Modern’ Product for Adding Color to Lips

  • Bobbi Brown shares her solution for losing pigment in lips as we age.
  • The 66-year-old loves the Jones Road Beauty’s The Lip Pencil.
  • “The colors are lip color-inspired, as we lose pigment you could bring back the color that your lips used to be,” Brown tells Prevention.

Bobbi Brown has spent decades perfecting her craft and in turn, changing the beauty industry. Whether she’s touting the best makeup tips for women over 50 or sharing the “miracle” hydrating product she swears by, the makeup pro and mind behind Jones Road never disappoints. Now, the icon tells Prevention about her “new, modern” solution for adding color back to lips as we age: Jones Road’s The Lip Pencil.

Jones Road The Lip Pencil

The Lip Pencil

Jones Road The Lip Pencil

Credit: Jones Road

“The colors are lip color-inspired, as we lose pigment you could bring back the color that your lips used to be,” Brown explains. Available in eight shades, there’s an option for everyone.

These pencils aren’t your run-of-the-mill liners, though. The difference lies in the formula. “It’s a modern finish when you wear it by itself,” Brown says. “I wanted to create the lip liners because I thought there was a new modern way to create a lip liner. I wanted a lip liner that could be a stand-alone lipstick as well. I wanted something that was creamy that created a nice flat lip color.”

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The formula comes from a blend of waxes and oils for a lightweight, breathable, and natural-looking finish. The eight shades are meant to match the color of natural lips, offering multiple options to level up your pout. If you’re looking for more of a matte look, Jones Road suggests applying The Lip Tint before The Lip Pencil.

Since this is a new launch (the product dropped earlier in the week), shopper reviews aren’t available yet. But I was lucky enough to snag some samples early, and have to say these have already replaced my lipsticks in my purse. I wore Tawny Nude to a close friend’s wedding last weekend and it lasted through my MOH speech, the entire reception, and the after-party without needing a touch-up.

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