Bobby Shmurda Takes A Tumble While Partying With ‘Baddies’ Cast

Bobby Shmurda was having the time of his life partying with the girls from Baddies before he took a tumble — but he hopped right back up like nothing even happened.

The hilarious moment went down on Saturday night (August 19), when the Brooklyn rapper was hosting alongside Natalie Nunn and her Zeus girls in Philadelphia.


While his breakout hit “Hot N-gga” plays, suddenly Bobby disappears out of the frame in the clip, while a mic flies in the air. But moments later, he jumps up with a huge grin on his face and continued the party without missing a beat.

You can watch the funny clip below:

Bobby Shmurda is currently working on his autobiography and he’s excited to get it out into the world. In an Instagram Story last month, he admitted he’d cried the day before while writing a chapter in the upcoming book, noting that it’s going to be “so fucking good.”

“Yo I was writing a chapter in my book yesterday and I found myself crying,” he began. “Like I dropped a tear. And I don’t even cry. I don’t even cry like that. And I found myself dropping a tear and I said, ‘Damn, I ain’t write in so long.’”

He continued: “It was like doing a journal, like a diary type shit. And I said, ‘This book is gonna be so fucking good!’ the time I dropped a tear.”


He inked a deal for the autobiography in early June, and promised then that it will be one of the best stories ever told.

“Work work work @utapublishing it is a pleasure off to the races we are,” Bobby wrote in his Instagram announcement. “We’re now embarking on a #incredible #impactful #motivational #passionate #authentic story and journey that is still evolving sustainably.

He continued: “This will be my 1st #autobiography. For all my fans and supporters thats been a1 since day1 you guys are an inspiration. I can’t wait for you to receive and read this masterpiece you’ll be motivated like mf this will be one of the best stories told in history #GoingforNumber1selling.”

Bobby Shmurda Says Anyone Over The Age Of 21 Is Too Old To Have 'Opps'

Bobby Shmurda Says Anyone Over The Age Of 21 Is Too Old To Have ‘Opps’

After releasing his breakout single “Hot N-gga” in 2014, Bobby was hailed as one of the early pioneers of Brooklyn Drill Music. He was on track for superstardom before his rise was halted after being convicted on one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession.

The rapper copped a plea deal in September 2016 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon for his involvement in the GS9 gang. He was initially sentenced to seven years but was granted two years credit before the sentence was handed down.


While locked up, Shmurda racked up 11 violations, including possession of a prison shiv, drug possession and fighting. He was eventually released from prison in February 2021.

Since his release, Bobby has been keeping a low profile while releasing music periodically – but he’s clearly ready to take things to the next level and tell his story. A release date for the book has not yet been set.

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