Book-Inspired Nail Collections

A new collaboration between Colleen Hoover and Olive & June has emerged, providing a unique balance between literature and nail art. This new release offers book enthusiasts a unique opportunity to express their love for Hoover’s iconic novels through captivating manicures. The collection boasts an array of meticulously curated nail polishes and press-on designs, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Hoover’s literary universe.

Comprising eight vibrant nail polish shades and a diverse selection of 17 glue press-on nails and three-tab press-ons, the collection draws inspiration from Hoover’s acclaimed literary works such as “It Ends With Us,” “It Starts With Us,” “November 9,” and “Heart Bones.” Each shade and pattern pays homage to the beloved characters and compelling narratives found within these pages.

The “It Starts With Beautiful Nails” set is a standout offering within the collaboration. Interested consumers can purchase the new collaboration on Olive & June.

Image Credit: Olive & June

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