Booty Patrol Truck Driver Arrested By Actual Police

The Booty Patrol Truck in question

The saga of Florida’s infamous Booty Patrol Truck appears to be headed toward the ending we all knew was probably inevitable. Owner Gabriel Luviano-Renteria has been arrested and charged with impersonating law enforcement and obstructing police, Orlando’s WKMG reports.

While at Arcadia, Florida’s Mosaic Arena, law enforcement reportedly spotted the owner, Gabriel Luviano-Renteria, with his truck’s red-and-blue flashing lights on. That contradicts earlier claims that he only ever turned them on at private events. When officers approached the truck, he drove off but was soon pulled over and reportedly claimed that he believed the lights were legal. He received a citation for his lights.


Because the Booty Patrol Truck looked so much like an actual Border Patrol vehicle, officers began looking into Luviano-Renteria and discovered this wasn’t his first time being pulled over. They also found his TikTok account, which he used to post videos of the truck. “He uses this vehicle for publicity and followers and for fame. Watching the videos, I saw he has hashtags listed for ‘#immigration, #ice’ and talks about how his truck is illegal,” the arrest report reads.


If he had made it more immediately obvious that the Booty Patrol Truck wasn’t actually a law enforcement vehicle and left the lights off, he probably would have been fine. It would still be an immature joke, but there are worse novelty trucks out there. Ultimately, though, he only has himself to blame for pushing it too far.


As far as potential sentences go, impersonating law enforcement is a third-degree felony in the state of Florida and carries a prison sentence of up to five years and a $5,000 fine. Obstructing the police is also a third-degree felony and carries a similar punishment. However, we highly doubt he’ll see much, if any jail time for driving the Booty Patrol Truck.

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