Boutique forced to close after neighbouring building collapses in Wicklow

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‘I tell you, we were very lucky that someone wasn’t walking by at the time’

Business forced to close in Arklow as neighbouring building collapses

Eoin Mac Raghnaill

Wicklow People

A luxury women’s fashion boutique on Arklow’s Lower Main Street has been forced to shut its doors on Friday after the collapse of a neighbouring building took part of the business with it.

Earlier this afternoon, the front of a disused former fruit and vegetable shop (known locally as Liam Powers), which has an ongoing development taking place to its rear, fell outwards onto the footpath, bringing down part of the popular neighbouring fashion outlet, Fayebella, and causing significant damage.

Crews at work clearing up the debris at the the collapsed building on Arklow’s Lower Main Street, which brought part of the neighbouring fashion outlet with it. Photo: Michael Kelly

After arriving at the scene of the incident and witnessing the scope of the destruction first hand, Cllr Pat Fitzgerald said it was extremely lucky that someone had not been seriously injured by the collapse.

“The wall there is that old brick, and it pulled half the wall out of the neighbouring business, which can’t operate and had to close. Crews are at work now clearing up the debris.

The collasped building on Arklow’s Lower Main Street. Photo: Michael Kelly

“I tell you, we were very lucky that someone wasn’t walking by at the time because there could have been some serious damage done, because there was some amount of stuff that came off it.”

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