Bow Wow Asks Fans To Locate “Baddie” He Saw At The Mall, Gets Hilarious Responses

Bow Wow is an unabashedly thirsty ladies’ man, and it seems like he can’t keep that desire to himself. Moreover, he recently took to social media with a funny and bizarre request for his fans: their help in finding a “baddie” that he saw at the mall. Sure, this seems like the kind of thing you might send in “the boys’” group chat, not a big artist platform, but that just makes things that much more comical. However, it seems like things didn’t work out as planned, and that big following actually ended up being to his detriment in this case. His DMs exploded with people claiming to be the woman in question after he posted his “thirst blast” to his Instagram Story.

“I’m leaving the mall right?” Bow Wow began his plea. “A place I do not go to, but it was so last minute, I had to grab something. In and out, like a rapper. Peep this out though, the whole time I’m in there, I’m trying to find this store. I just see the baddest. Yo, this girl was so fine. She had on all grey, like she had some dreads or something. I don’t know what. I’m talking about cold.

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Bow Wow’s “Thirst Blast”

“Oh, North Point Mall, oh, my God,” the 36-year-old continued. “Just when you think they don’t be on the North side like that. Ain’t no way she live on this side. Holler at your boy. This a whole new thirst blast I’m sending out. She was that bad, and I was occupied, and so was she. So I couldn’t really pull up how I wanted to. But I know when she see this, she be like, ‘Damn.’” Then, also on his Instagram Story, Bow Wow expressed his amused reaction to people sliding into his socials. “I SHOULDA KEPT MY THOUGHTS TO MYSELF,” he wrote with a laughing emoji. “EVERY GIRL IS DM’ING ME NOW SAYING THEY WAS SHAWTY.”

Meanwhile, the rapper is also just as prone to speaking on other people’s thirst (specifically Nelly and Ashanti) as he is to acknowledging his own. Even though this borders on pretty weird behavior, he’s just funny enough to keep things light-hearted. Let’s just hope that the “baddie” in question isn’t tired of all the advances at this point. On that note, for more news and the latest updates on Bow Wow, stick around on HNHH.

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