Brave! Jacob Elordi and his handbags are dismantling the gender binary

If you’re a fan of toxic masculinity, the gender binary, and the broader system of heteropatriarchy that oppresses us all, then we’ve got some bad news for you: Jacob Elordi has dismantled each of them, simultaneously, with his ever-growing collection of handbags.

You’re probably thinking, hang on a sec… a white hetero man… with a handbag?! Isn’t that an accessory more typically associated with girls, gays and theys? Shouldn’t Elordi be lugging around his possessions in a Gore-Tex rucksack? A crumpled plastic bag from Tesco perhaps or a practical and but uber-masculine burlap sack? Well, the 1950s called and it wants its aesthetic values back. Regardless of your regressive assumptions, Elordi looks good!

Over the last few years, the 26-year-old Euphoria star has developed a reputation as a connoisseur of the luxury handbag. His collection includes Bottega Veneta’s Cassette, along with pieces from Fendi, Celine, Burberry, and even Chanel. He seems to have a preference for dark leather – the smaller, the better – but he’s not afraid to splash out with a bit of colour, too: on his way to Venice last week, where he was promoting Sofia Coppola’s upcoming Priscilla biopic, in which he plays Elvis, he was spotted boasting a bright, sunshine-yellow Louis Vuitton bag. It was a look that exuded a masculinity that is confident, carefree – and unafraid to get a little fruity!

While the patriarchy may yet survive this latest assault, it’s still nice to see our generation’s premier heart-throb expanding the possibilities of what men’s fashion can look like. The best part is: you just know that Nate Jacobs would disapprove.

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