Bridgerton Nails: The Regency-Inspired Take On Coquette Manicures

There’s a lot to love about the “Bridgerton” TV series, whether it’s the charming actors, the romantic storylines, or the superb musical score. In particular, even the most casual fans can appreciate the stunning visuals of the show. Set in the Regency period, the intricate sets and gorgeous costumes inspired an influx of Regencycore fashion soon after the series was launched. If you want a royal look but you’re not ready to dip your toe into full Regencycore styling, take the aesthetic to your nails instead. The stunning imagery of “Bridgerton” and the Regency era make for gorgeous inspiration for your next manicure.

Romance, femininity, decadence, and intricate maximalist adornments are all key features in the “Bridgerton” aesthetic, so you’ll want to choose your nail design with these aspects in mind. Girly and a touch old-fashioned, coquette manicures share all these same features, so there’s plenty of crossover between the two to draw inspiration from. Anything that feels extra feminine, soft, and pretty can work, including frilly details, bows, pearls, and jewels. Soft and light colors feature heavily, and 3D nail art can make nails extra glamorous. Look and feel like royalty with the “Bridgerton”-inspired coquette manicures ahead.

Bees and flowers

In “Bridgerton,” plenty of romance, promenades, and time spent in gardens makes flowers a prominent visual of the show. With their links to femininity, flowers are popular in coquette manicures as well. This makes them the perfect subject of a “Bridgerton” coquette nail look. To really play up the “Bridgerton” theme, add a small bumblebee detail, which has connections to the Bridgerton family’s deceased patriarch (no spoilers here!).

Regal white manicure

White was considered a fashionable color during the Regency era (particularly for young women) because of its association with innocence. Many of the costumes in “Bridgerton” are in white or light colors. You can apply the same color palette to your nail look, choosing light and soft shades. A pearlescent white hue looks extra glamorous with its subtle shimmer and serves as the perfect neutral base for a range of designs. Add an ornamental design in a bright white hue (or a different color altogether) to add more interest to this simple nail look.

Light florals with silver details

Combine a light color palette and floral designs into one pretty manicure. A mix of soft pastel shades makes this manicure bright, perfect for ushering in spring. Instead of ditsy daisies, which look more modern, go for a more old-fashioned floral look. It doesn’t hurt to add a little sparkle either, and one very simple way to do so is by adding small metallic silver dots between the blooms.

Pearly French tips and flowers

Simple and elegant French tips never go out of style. To make them look more glamorous, opt for a pearl white rather than a bright white base. This color gives the nails a warm vintage tone, as if they belong on royal hands from a time long ago, especially when paired over a pretty light pink base. Add even more romance with a few small flower details (also in white) to complete the look.

Romantic rosettes

Not all floral nails will capture the Regency aesthetic. To get the look, the nail design has to have an element of old-fashioned glamour to it. For example, retro daisies or minimalist modern blooms won’t quite fit the aesthetic. Roses, however, can fit the bill. Whether on clothing or on a nail design, there’s something about rosettes that signals old-school romance. Paired with some strategically painted leaves, these roses look like they’re climbing up a garden wall.

Royal coquette nails

Both the “Bridgerton” and coquette aesthetics are all about excess. There’s no need to shy away from maximalism here! Take this to heart with your nail look and lean into adding stunning and intricate adornments. One source of inspiration for your nail look is old European art. Use nail stickers or visit a talented nail artist to create historical art-inspired designs. It doesn’t hurt to add a bit of gold to finish the manicure and make it all the more eye-catching.

Lilac flowers

Lilacs are featured in plenty of “Bridgerton’s” visuals, including many of the show’s posters. You can incorporate the color or the flower itself into your manicure. Both the color and blooms are just plain gorgeous and have a dainty look that’s associated with traditional femininity. To really make them stand out, paint your lilac flowers on a neutral base.

Royal aesthetic

While the Bridgertons themselves aren’t royalty, they do rub shoulders with some of the highest nobility in society. This royal aesthetic trickles down in the fashion and style of the characters, and serves as excellent inspiration for your nails as well. Any type of regal-looking decals can make your nails a “Bridgerton”-inspired version of coquette. Intricate details are the key here, and metallic touches of gold or silver will make your nails look more grand as well.

Pearls and butterflies

Pearls feel romantic and regal, so they’re the perfect crossover nail art for “Bridgerton”-inspired and coquette manicures. You can create all types of intricate or simple designs with different sized nail pearls. Mix them with butterfly stickers or decals for an extra girly look that is oh-so-romantic when it’s painted over a light pink base.

Pink coquette bow

Frilly and feminine, bows are the perfect accent decal to add to “Bridgerton”-inspired coquette nails. Emphasize the glitz and glamour by pairing a bow with a sparkly base coat — even better if you choose a girly color like bright pink (not to mention, totally Barbiecore as well). If a full hand of sparkles feels like too much, you can opt for a sparkly French manicure on a few or all of your nails.

Blue coquette manicure

While girly colors like light pink are popular with coquette nails, you can also use other shades of the rainbow, especially if it’s in soft pastel hues. Baby blue is a perfect color for coquette manicures, and it fits right in when it’s styled nicely. If you plan on using darker colors, play with patterns and nail designs to make it more girly. Little white hearts, a pearl heart design, and a subtle gingham pattern make this manicure fit right in with the maximalist and feminine “Bridgerton”-inspired and coquette aesthetics.

Abstract florals

If you like doing your own nails, it can be intimidating to draw intricate designs. An easy way to make your nails still look marvelous (without needing a whole lot of artistic talent) is to paint abstract florals. These abstract lilacs, painted on a pastel background, feels so elegant and pretty. Some messy dotting of different shades of purple and white are used to achieve this look and give it dimension without intricately tracing each petal.

Lavender coquette nails

Lilac and lavender purple tones feature heavily in “Bridgerton,” and these soft pastel shades are popular in coquette manicures as well. This makes light purple a stunning base color for your next manicure. It already looks girly and dainty on its own, but you can add so much more with nail art and gems. Bows, butterfly art, and nail jewels make this manicure ultra feminine.

Blooming lilacs

If you’re looking for a more detailed and bright manicure look, try a lilac design on a sky blue background. This type of design brings to mind lilacs blooming on a bright spring day. It’s a little more fun rather than regal-looking, but with the lilac inspiration, it definitely draws from “Bridgerton’s” aesthetics. 

Pretty pearl nails

If you want to go for an extra refined manicure, simple pearl details are a pretty option. Choose 3D pearls rather than pearly dots of color, which will give the manicure a maximalist and coquette look. To capture a really elegant look, a sheer background is the right one to choose, like a sheer cloudy white or a lush light pink.

Pearls and bow

Pearls are stunning, but they can feel plain if you’re used to an over-the-top coquette manicure. The easiest way to up the glam factor is with an adorable 3D bow detail. A pearl white color palette is the one to try for this look, but you can play around with your base color to add interest. Pearly pink and sheer white are elegant options, but you can also go for brighter base tones.

Gold-tipped floral nails

Gold is associated with wealth and royalty, so it makes the perfect accent color for any regal nail design. It’s a color you can dot along your nail, or create a pretty metallic gold French tip. If you don’t want gold to be the sole focus of your manicure, you can also add a subtle pattern as well, such as a rosy floral base.

Blush coquette decals

If 3D nail art isn’t your thing (it’s not suitable for some jobs since it can get in the way), then you can paint rather than glue on coquette details like bows, hearts, and sparkles. This design idea results in a similar romantic effect, and a blushy background adds more interest to these gorgeous nails. Small nail jewels add dimension but are less in-your-face.

Storybook romance

You can also draw inspiration from other famous romance novels with a “Bridgerton” vibe, like this manicure that uses “Pride and Prejudice” visuals. The silhouettes are old-fashioned and romantic, especially since they’re set over a bookish background. Red roses and vines are the perfect accompaniment (a five-nail silhouette look might be a bit too busy). While this manicure draws from a different inspiration source, it has an equally passionate and vintage feel.

French tips and rhinestones

Dressing up a basic French manicure is one of the simplest ways to achieve a more regal look with little effort. French tips and rhinestones are perfect for the minimalists among us, who might feel like coquette manicures are too over the top. The little bit of sparkle gives the manicure a royal look, without as much glitz (and effort) as other nail ideas on this list.

Lavender accent nail

When it’s painted as a nail design, lilac and lavender look very similar, so opt for the latter if you have an affinity for the lavender plant. This is a design you can recreate at home with a thin nail art brush. Use a green shade for the stem, then dot tiny imperfect speckles with at least two different shades of purple to mimic the look of lavender petals.

Pink bow and sparkles

If you love all things pink, then it’s the perfect color palette for your coquette “Bridgerton”-inspired nail look. Bright pink is girly and youthful, and there are various ways to make it look regal. You can add dimension by choosing various pink tones and decals, such as a glossy pink base, sparkly pink details (like an accent nail or French tips), and a 3D pink detail, like a bow (but hearts and butterflies are just as fun).

Muted roses

On the other side of the color spectrum, subtle colors are best if you like a minimalist look — but if you incorporate flowers, you can still add some pinks in there! Unlike many of the other nail looks in this list, this one uses a muted beige-toned base rather than creamy white or pearly pink. It feels more refined rather than flashy, but it would be a bit boring on its own. Rosette designs brings that old-fashioned romance and are a good way to add color: Choose various shades of pink, blue, yellow, or white to create these roses.

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